“He can talk about whatever the hell he wants!” Joe Rogan gets huge praise from ‘GOAT’ Demetrious Johnson

Joe Rogan serves as an inspiration for Demetrious Johnson in his alternate career.

“He can talk about whatever the hell he wants!” Joe Rogan gets huge praise from ‘GOAT’ Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson applauds Joe Rogan and calls him an inspiration (via Imago)

Demetrious Johnson recently joined Ariel Helwani on his MMA Hour show. He discussed various topics, including his passion for content creation on YouTube. Even recently, he held his own MMA awards show, ‘Mighty Awards.’ As such, ‘Mighty Mouse’ explained he had grown with experience and accepted the dual reality of saying or doing anything. On that note, he acknowledged Joe Rogan as his biggest inspiration due to his outspoken, carefree nature.


Also, in the interview, Demetrious Johnson expressed his interest in an analyst job. However, he didn’t like the restrictions it would put on him. As such, he preferred YouTube over being an analyst for any fight promotion. He reasoned it with the freedom he had, as he could do anything he wanted. That was when he brought in Joe Rogan as his inspiration to pursue freedom over anything else.

The thing love about YouTube is that I'm my own boss. I can cover whatever I want because it's a passion of mine. I think I would love to do an analyst job and commentate on the fights...I look at Joe Rogan as an inspiration, he can talk about whatever the hell he wants. You can't do anything about it!
Demetrious Johnson (via The MMA Hour Show)

Joe Rogan was known to the MMA audience as the color commentator of the UFC. But most of the world remembered him as the host of Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify. The reason was he had no bar on the topics discussed or anything. He talks about everything from fighting, science, and pseudo-science to politics and whatnot. As such, he has also had his fair share of controversies. But, he hasn’t deterred away from his principles of having the freedom to speak anything. It is this carefree attitude that inspired Demetrious Johnson.

Demetrious Johnson, although pushing past 37 years of age, still hasn’t retired from MMA. However, he awaited the right opportunity to fight again. In the meantime, he grew his YouTube channel ‘Mighty’ and stayed relevant among the MMA community. He had interviewed many popular guests like Sean O’Malley, Mike Perry, and Aljamain Sterling, to name a few.


Joe Rogan critiques the UFC for not recognizing Demetrious Johnson as a Hall of Famer

Demetrious Johnson was widely regarded as one of the best fighters in mixed martial arts. However, he didn’t receive the recognition he deserved from the UFC. In his eight-year-long UFC career, ‘Mighty Mouse’ has had tremendous success. He won the flyweight title in 2012 and defended it eleven times for almost six years straight. However, he wasn’t inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. As such, Joe Rogan stood up in support of Johnson.

Joe Rogan voices out to recognize Demetrious Johnson
Joe Rogan voices out to recognize Demetrious Johnson (via MMA Mania/The Sun)

Joe Rogan, in 2022, expressed his displeasure in the UFC, trying to ignore the credentials of Demetrious Johnson. Here is what he said:

He is one of the greatest of all time. That guy is so f*cking talented. So talented. They (UFC) don’t talk about him. They don’t bring him up,” Rogan said. “It’s just really weird like the UFC doesn’t promote him anymore now that he’s gone and goes to another organization. I don’t get any of that. I don’t get any of that.
Joe Rogan (Via JRE Podcast)

The UFC traded Demetrious Johnson to One Championship after he lost his flyweight title to Henry Cejudo in 2018. As such, ‘Mighty Mouse’ continued his fighting legacy at One Championship. Currently, he is the flyweight champion of the promotion.

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