“I’ll f**k you up” – Jake Paul sends threat to Nate Diaz for slapping FULL SEND reporter Shawny Mack

“I’ll f**k you up” – Jake Paul sends threat to Nate Diaz for slapping FULL SEND reporter Shawny Mack

Jake Paul defends Full Send reporter after Nate Diaz slap incident

YouTube sensation Jake Paul defends FULL SEND reporter Shawny Mack against Nate Diaz. The boxer offers to be Mack’s body guard and challenges the UFC superstar to touch him again.


Recently, FULL SEND reporter Shawny Mack went viral for his interview with Nate Diaz at UFC 276. The NELK Boy associate had access backstage and decided to talk to the Stockton superstar but got slapped instead for some tweets in the past that mocked one of Diaz’s crew members. The clip of Shawny went viral and the reporter also came out to apologize for his former tweets.

Diaz did not hesitate to slap Mack backstage where there were a lot of people. Nate was upset about Shawny’s tweet about one of the Diaz army members, Nick Maximov. The fighter wanted Mack and the FULL SEND reporter was lucky to get away with not being beaten up. Recently, Jake Paul met with Shawny for an interview and addressed the viral moment.

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“I’m his bodyguard” – Jake Paul calls out Nate Diaz for slapping the FULL SEND reporter

Nate Diaz x Jake Paul
Jake warns Nate

In the interview, Jake first jokes about replicating, Diaz’s slap and then says, “I’ll be your bodyguard,” to the reporter. Jake then looks into the camera and sends a warning to the Stockton Slugger. “Hey Nate, the next time you do that sh*t, I’m f**king you up Nate. This is my boy, alright? Don’t touch him ever again. I’m going to f**k you up.”

Jake has been calling out the UFC superstar for a fight and the Diaz brother has shown interest in boxing the Paul brother once he gets out of contract with the UFC. “You get so mad. You get so mad. I’m his bodyguard now. For free. What’s good Nate Diaz? Stop running from me. Get out of your contract and I’m gonna f**k you up. Peace out,” said Jake looking right into the camera.

Jake is now scheduled to fight Hasim Rahman Jr in August at the Madison Square Garden. This is the first time Jake will be facing a professional boxer in the boxing ring. The fighter currently has a record of 5-0.

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