“He gave us free advertising” – NELK boys reveal why Nate Diaz slapped reporter at UFC 276

“He gave us free advertising” – NELK boys reveal why Nate Diaz slapped reporter at UFC 276

NELK Boys discuss the infamous Nate Diaz slap at UFC 276

Recently NELK Boys reporter Shawn Macky got slapped by Stockton superstar Nate Diaz at UFC 276. This incident took over the internet and the reporter also gave insight into what actually led to that infamous slap. While many would be devastated to get slapped by a Diaz brother, Shawn actually believes enjoys the attention he has been getting since that event.

The NELK Boys dropped a new episode of their FULL SEND Podcast earlier today where they had reporter Shawn Macky on to discuss the infamous Nate Diaz slap at the UFC 276 event. The pay-per-view event went down last weekend at the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada where Shawn had access backstage. The NELK Boys are a close associate of UFC president Dana White and hence the crew can be spotted often during huge pay-per-view events.

In the recent episode, Shawn explained the aftermath of being slapped by the Stockton Slugger and details that the viral video did not show. Nate slapped Shawn at the event because the Nelk Boys reporter previously trolled one of Nate’s teammates and friend, Nick Maximov. In the podcast episode, Macky reveals that the FULL SEND brand now has free advertisement because of that infamous event.

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Shawn Macky reveals Nate Diaz wanted to square up against him

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz

“The thing is he just gave us some free advertising is what he did,” said the Nelk Boys reporter on his takeaway from the incident. Shawn also reveals that he was about to get beaten up by the Stockton Slugger. Once the camera cut off, Diaz also shoved the reporter and was about to fight him.

“He perfectly hit the Full Send. He perfectly hit the hat off my head. He could have f**ked me up if he wanted to. When the camera cuts off, he shoves me, and then I was looking at him, he did the signature Nate Diaz, he was like *poses like Nate* square up with me and I’m like, ‘f**k, I’m about to get my a** whooped.”

The Nelk Boys crew member was very lucky that day given the entire Stockton gang was there and could have easily beat up Macky. What did you think of the entire debacle backstage at UFC 276?

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