“Will need surgery” Jan Blachowicz provides an update on the state of his eye after his UFC Vegas 54 triumph

Jan Blachowicz suffered a deep cut to his eye that may keep him out of action requiring a surgery

Jan Blachowicz
Jan Blachowicz provides an update on the eye-cut he suffered against Aleksandar Rakic

Jan Blachowicz was successful in his outing against #3 ranked Aleksander Rakic in their main event at UFC Vegas 53. The number 1 ranked light heavyweight contender solidified his position and possibly sealed his shot to regain his title against the winner of Glover Texiera vs Jiri Prochazka at UFC 275 in Singapore

Jan Blachowicz
Jan Blachowicz suffered a deep cut to his eye early in round 1

The fight saw Jan mix it up well on the feet and ground with him even attempting a submission off of his back. Though Jan suffered an early gash to the inside of his eye leading him to bleed profusely, he kept his composure and was able to move forward with his precise game plan. The fight ended in the third round after Jan’s attacks on Rakic’s leg seemed to pay dividends and the Serb went down with an injured knee.

Referee Mark Smith called a stop to the fight before Jan could land any follow-up strikes however the Pole had enough sportsmanship to recognize Rakic’s injury and not follow him to the ground.

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Jan Blachowicz says he lost vision in his left eye after Round 1

Jan Blachowicz vs Aleksander Rakic
Aleksander Rakic lands a takedown on Jan Blachowicz

At the post-fight press conference, Jan was seen covering his eye that suffered the cut, possibly to block the intense light from the Apex scaffolding. A reporter immediately asked Jan for an update regarding the state of his eye prompting Jan to reply, “It’s okay, but I’m gonna have some small surgery on Monday”

Jan clarified that his doctor is not yet sure as to what the intensity of the surgery will be saying, “maybe gonna be small or maybe gonna be bigger” and that a sure-shot update can only be provided after he visits the hospital on Monday. When asked if he agrees with the commission’s statement as to if the cut was from a punch thrown by Rakic he said, “I have to check it, I don’t know” he contiued, “I felt it when it happen as it was in the first round, it was one of the punches, I couldn’t see anything in the first round with this eye but I have to check it”

Jan Blachowicz vs Aleksandar Rakic
Jan Blachowicz gained a third round finish over #3 Ranked Aleksandar Rakic at UFC Vegas 54

Jan told the press that his coach thought the cut was caused by Aleksander’s finger but that Aleksander told him after the fight that it was caused by a punch, “I don’t know I’ll check it and let you know” said the former light heavyweight champion in conclusion to the topic. ‘

Jan Blachowicz will be eagerly waiting to face the winner of Glover vs Jiri in Singapore at UFC 275 and also expressed his wish to be at the fight since he had never seen the city.

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