Jared Cannonier abstained from marijuana before record-breaking five-round beatdown against Marvin Vettori

Cannonier recently broke UFC 185-pound record in intense showdown against Marvin Vettori.

Jared Cannonier abstained from marijuana before record-breaking five-round beatdown against Marvin Vettori

Jared Cannonier speaks on abstaining from marijuana before fight( Image source: Getty Images )

Jared Cannonier fought against Marvin Vettori with utmost seriousness, revealing that he had made the decision to abstain from marijuana in preparation for their bout. The two fighters, who have been on similar career paths recently, headlined UFC on ESPN 47 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Both Cannonier and Vettori have had a record of 3-2 in their last five fights and have fallen short in their attempts to dethrone the middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya.


Many supporters thought Cannonier‘s prospects of winning the UFC title at nearly 40 years of age depended on him being able to win it against Adesanya back in 2022. Cannonier, on the other hand, sees it differently and feels he’s now making the necessary preparations for another shot at the championship. The 39-year-old fighter revealed in an interview with TMZ Sports that he gave up using marijuana before the fight against Vettori. He said he already feels improved mental clarity and hopes that will lead to an outstanding performance in the cage.

“For this camp, I have abstained from smoking marijuana,” he said. Cannonier also explained the physical aspect of the drug. “You are putting foreign substances into your body, especially your lungs… I want to push the pace, be powerful throughout the whole thing,” he explained. “Mentally, physically, I feel like I’m in a much better place…so I’m ready to go!” he said.

In addition to his decision to abstain from marijuana, Cannonier provided some insight into what he expected when facing Marvin Vettori. One aspect he highlighted is Vettori’s remarkable resilience. He pointed out that the 29-year-old has never been finished in his professional fighting career. He also commended Vettori’s cardio, which could prove to be a significant factor during their five-round clash.


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Jared Cannonier speaks on Marvin Vettori prior to fight; breaks UFC middleweight record

Jared Cannonier defeats Marvin Vettori; breaks UFC record
Jared Cannonier defeats Marvin Vettori; breaks UFC record (Image source: Getty Images )

In an interview with The Schmo, Cannonier expanded on his thoughts-“Well, Marvin is resilient. He’s always present in the fight. He doesn’t take breaks. He doesn’t get tired. Moreover, he’s difficult to finish. Resilient, you know?” Cannonier complemented Vettori’s perseverance and skill saying, “He possesses that perseverance. So, if he identifies an opportunity, he’ll definitely seize it with both fists and feet and everything else. Nevertheless, I have prepared myself to face the best fighters in the world, and I’m prepared for whatever he brings.”

As the highly anticipated showdown drew near, fans eagerly awaited the thrilling encounter between Jared Cannonier and Vettori. Everybody anticipated a display of exceptional skill and unwavering determination from both fighters. Cannonier’s decision to abstain from marijuana showcased his dedication and commitment to delivering his best performance. Meanwhile, Vettori’s resilience and cardio presented a formidable challenge.

All of this resulted in an enthralling main event at UFC on ESPN 47. The two accomplished middleweights left no stone unturned inside the octagon. Cannonier broke the record of the most significant strikes landed in a single fight in the middleweight division for UFC.


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