“The ultimate fu*k you,” – Joe Rogan and Dan Henderson in stitches as the latter trolled Michael Bisping with KO picture on promotion’s logo

Joe Rogan talks about UFC veteran Dan Henderson's amusing logo and its connection to his infamous rivalry with Michael Bisping.

“The ultimate fu*k you,” – Joe Rogan and Dan Henderson in stitches as the latter trolled Michael Bisping with KO picture on promotion’s logo

Joe Rogan and Dan Henderson talk about his infamous logo ( Image via Imago )

Joe Rogan and Dan Henderson discussed the infamous rivalry between Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson. They also discussed the hilarious story behind the logo of Henderson’s Hendo’s Fight Night. The two combatants, hailing from different backgrounds, collided in the octagon on two memorable occasions. Both secured their respective win over each other. The rivalry sailed through a full journey, from their joint appearances on The Ultimate Fighter to their epic clash on the historic UFC 100 card.

Dan Henderson hosts Hendo’s Fight Night at his fitness center in Temecula, CA. Joe Rogan brought up the logo of this event, which sports Dan Henderson’s infamous flying punch that he landed on Michael Bisping in the eventful UFC 100. This is what Joe Rogan said about the creative logo:

That logo that you have, the flying punch, that is the ultimate f**k you.
Joe Rogan told Dan Henderson on the JRE

Dan Henderson was a former two-weight PRIDE champion. He had already solidified his legacy as a Hall of Fame-caliber fighter by 2009. Conversely, Michael Bisping was a young, aspiring contender determined to prove himself in the middleweight division. UFC 100, renowned as one of the most exceptional fight cards in MMA history, further added to the allure of their rivalry.

During their second encounter at UFC 100, after a closely contested first round, Henderson unleashed a devastating right-hand strike that sent Michael Bisping tumbling to the canvas, rendered unconscious. Astonishingly, Henderson followed up with another powerful right-hand blow, a move many considered excessive. When questioned about his actions, the seasoned veteran explained that he had aimed to shut Bisping up.

Joe Rogan reflects on Islam Makhachev’s impressive performance at UFC 294

Joe Rogan was amazed by Islam Makhachev‘s remarkable performance at UFC 294. Makhachev left no room for doubt in his title fight rematch against Alexander Volkanovski, which took center stage at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

Alexander Volkanovski Islam Makhachev
Alexander Volkanovski lost to Islam Makhachev at UFC 294 ( Image via Imago )

Makhachev delivered a first-round knockout to Volkanovski using a powerful head kick. Rogan’s live reaction on his “JRE Fight Companion” was one of sheer astonishment. He exclaimed after witnessing the knockout:

Oh my God! He head kicked him…Wow! What a shocker. Who would have saw that coming? It was amazing.
Joe Rogan on the Fight Companion.

Joe Rogan analyzed the UFC 294 main event as he did not travel to Abu Dhabi for the PPV. Reflecting on Makhachev’s evolution as a fighter, Rogan recalled how the lightweight champion had managed to knock down Charles Oliveira. It is worth noting that striking used to be his weakest point. However, Rogan revealed that Makhachev’s knockout power is just as potent as anybody else’s since knocking out Volkanovski was a truly impressive feat.

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