“I gotta hurt somebody,” Joe Rogan baffled after learning Sean Strickland’s shocking shotgun encounter

Strickland during his appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast revealed he was almost going to kill a person.

“I gotta hurt somebody,” Joe Rogan baffled after learning Sean Strickland’s shocking shotgun encounter

Joe Rogan baffled by Sean Strickland's gun story (Image via Rollin Stone/LowKickMMA)

UFC middleweight fighter Sean Strickland is quite the outspoken personality who is considered a loose canon for his controversial statements and antics. ‘Tarzan’ has also amassed quite a fan following on Twitter by doing the same. While his antics might seem all fun and games, the middleweight almost killed a person. He left podcast host Joe Rogan baffled with his story of how he almost shot a person in the face.


UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland is coming off a win against Dagestani-born German fighter Abus Magomedov. While Strickland is considered quite the character, he doesn’t fear anyone while speaking his mind either. Tarzan can be seen making some controversial statements and did the same during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience. While many of Sean’s comments caught Rogan off guard, he was left stunned by one of Sean’s stories.

Strickland narrated a story where he tossed his friend and put a hole in the wall during a party. He was then asked to leave the party and pay for the wall. Tarzan added that he had a lot on his mind due to his court cases and firmly disagreed with all the demands. The next thing he knew, he was held at gunpoint by a guy.

Strickland begged for mercy to distract the person and as soon as he got the opportunity snatched his shotgun and slammed his head on the wall. He was also about to pull the trigger on the guy but was saved as his girlfriend leaped between them. Joe Rogan was baffled hearing the story and Strickland was happy he did not pull the trigger.


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Sean Strickland wants to fist fight with MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz

Sean Strickland wants to fight Ali Abdelaziz
Sean Strickland wants to fight Ali Abdelaziz (Image via MMA Fighting/MMA Mania)

Middleweight fighter Sean Strickland wants to go head-to-head with MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz. Strickland most recently fought German fighter Abus Magomedov and defeated him via TKO in the second round at UFC Vegas 76. Tarzan is on a two-fight win streak after his decision loss to Jared Canonier.

However, after the recent events, Tarzan wants to have a fistfight with the 45-year-old manager. Abdelaziz was responsible for setting up the bout between Abus and Strickland. Before doing so he allegedly spied on Strickland to put him against one of his clients. Strickland was not a big fan of Ali’s behavior and called him a c*** for his spying.

Ali watched me spar and then next thing you know it’s like hey, three weeks later we got this guy we want you to fight. There’s a lot of f**ked up s**t you guys, I’m not gonna go into it. It felt like a little personal. There’s a chance that me and Ali are gonna be fist fighting,” said Strickland. While Ali will not probably respond to this callout, he won’t ever go near Sean’s gym next time.


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