“Looks like he’s hanging out at planet fitness,” Joe Rogan breaks down UFC star Tony Ferguson completing ‘hell week’ with fitness freak David Goggins

Joe Rogan and Cameron Hanes analyze Tony Ferguson's unique training with David Goggins, raising questions about its effectiveness for his UFC 296 bout against Paddy Pimblett.

“Looks like he’s hanging out at planet fitness,” Joe Rogan breaks down UFC star Tony Ferguson completing ‘hell week’ with fitness freak David Goggins

Joe Rogan and Cameron hanes discuss Tony Ferguson training with David Goggins (Image via: Instagram/Joe Rogan, Cameron Hanes)

Bowhunting athlete Cameron Hanes was the recent guest on Joe Rogan Experience. Hanes is a good friend of Colby Covington, who will fight for the welterweight title at UFC 296 against Leon Edwards. However, Hanes and Joe Rogan delved into the situation of Tony Ferguson with David Goggins in the podcast episode.

Rogan and Hanes talked about whether Ferguson’s training with Goggins would become helpful. Both noticed the difference in demeanor during the workout sessions. This is what Rogan had to say about them.

They're doing the workouts together, yeah, and David looks like he's hanging out at Planet Fitness, yeah, you know, trying to pick up a chick. You know, like he's like, 'So, what are you doing after this?
Joe Rogan via JRE

Ferguson is training with David Goggins in preparation for his fight with Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296. Apparently, Ferguson is the first person to complete Goggins’ ‘Hell Week.’ Nevertheless, Ferguson’s training with Goggins was heralded and criticized by the MMA community. Goggins is famous for his extreme workout regimen. However, Ferguson does not lack in endurance. Many attribute Ferguson’s slump to the brutal loss to Justin Gaethje at UFC 249.

Ferguson was once heralded as the best lightweight, along with Khabib Nurmagomedov. However, he is at present on a six-fight-losing streak. It is tied for the second-longest losing streak behind B.J. Penn. Ferguson also has the record for the longest win streak in the lightweight division at 12. It is a record he shares with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Islam Makhachev.

Joe Rogan is a big proponent of the message David Goggins is spreading

David Goggins is one of the most controversial personalities in the USA. Goggins, after his career in the Navy SEALS, became an ultramarathon runner and public speaker. UFC commentator Joe Rogan is a very good friend of Goggins’s, and Goggins has appeared on the JRE on multiple occasions.

David Goggins , Joe Rogan
David Goggins , Joe Rogan ( via : Youtube/Duke Chronicles)

Rogan recently talked about Goggins in a recent podcast episode with Cameron Hanes. Rogan was full of praise for Goggins, which is what he had to say about him:

What is he saying? He's saying, 'Take control, take control. Use your mind, take control of your life, and be better at everything. And you can do this. I used to be a fat fuck, look at me now.' That's a great message, man.

Apparently, Rogan felt that Goggins was and still is a misunderstood character. Hanes and Rogan approve of Goggins, but some in Rogan’s inner circle disapprove. Nevertheless, Rogan is a passionate supporter of Goggins. However, Rogan does not know whether Tony Ferguson’s training with Goggins will be helpful.

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