WATCH: Tony Ferguson’s intense training with ex-navy SEAL David Goggins takes a grueling turn

Tony Ferguson is working out with David Goggins in preparation for his next bout at UFC 296. The latest training footage displayed tough moments during the training regimen.

WATCH: Tony Ferguson’s intense training with ex-navy SEAL David Goggins takes a grueling turn

Tony Ferguson training with David Goggins ( Image via X )

UFC 296 has a fascinating lineup, with Tony Ferguson and Paddy Pimblett clashing on the main card. The PPV event will be the final UFC event of 2023. Paddy Pimblett is just coming off of injury. He will take on Tony Ferguson, a UFC veteran and legend of the sport. However, Ferguson has faced a series of losses in his past matchups. This is why he has brought David Goggins into the scene.


In a series of recent videos shared on social media, Tony Ferguson unveiled a sneak peek into his grueling training regime. The relentless training took such a toll on Ferguson that he found himself in a position where he couldn’t hold back his exhaustion, leading to an episode of involuntary vomiting. In the background, David Goggins urged Ferguson to carry on regardless. This is what Goggins said:

This is where you win, this is where you win right here… ain't no game….
David Goggins via Instagram.

UFC 296 is scheduled for this December at the T-Mobile Arena. Paddy Pimblett is looking to make a statement in this bout against former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson. Despite criticisms, UFC CEO Dana White defended the matchmaking. The stakes for this fight are considered high. It is expected that if Tony Ferguson were to lose, he might consider retiring from MMA or the UFC might release him.

David Goggins is widely recognized as one of the world’s best ultra-endurance athletes. Goggins has a background as a Navy SEAL. This partnership is intriguing as Ferguson was once known for his impressive lightweight win streak. However, now he has faced challenges with a consistent losing streak.


Sean O’Malley speaks on Tony Ferguson vs. Paddy Pimblett for UFC 296

Sean O’Malley has expressed his perspective on the Ferguson vs. Pimblett fight. He has described it as a “lose-lose” situation for Paddy Pimblett. O’Malley does not believe that Pimblett has much to gain from this matchup.

Tony Ferguson
Tony Ferguson will fight Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296 ( Image via Twitter )

Sean O’Malley addressed the Pimblett vs. Ferguson matchup on his YouTube channel. He said:

Initial reaction, I’m like, ‘Goddamn, that’s a lose-lose for Paddy,...You go out there and beat Tony, who’s really good but on a six-fight losing streak. So if you beat him, you’re not going to get credit for beating Tony Ferguson. You’re not going to get credit for beating a guy you should beat him, but it’s a dangerous fight....
Sean O’Malley via YouTube.

The consensus from O’Malley and others remains that the fight did not seem to benefit Paddy Pimblett significantly. The reasons for this viewpoint likely revolve around certain factors. Some of them include the risk of facing a seasoned veteran like Tony Ferguson and the potential lack of a substantial reward, considering Pimblett’s current status and prospects in the UFC.

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