“Slinging d*ck like nobody’s ever lived” – Joe Rogan hilarious rant on Pete Davidson hooking up with Kim Kardashian

Joe Rogan talks about his peer, Pete Davidson dating one of the world's biggest celebrities, Kim Kardashian.

Joe Rogan Pete Davidson
Joe Rogan comments on Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian's relationship

Celebrity comedian Pete Davidson has got the whole world talking about him including fellow comedian, podcast host, and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan. The UFC commentator had a hilarious reaction to his peer dating celebrity model Kim Kardashian.

Joe Rogan has one of the biggest voices in America and the comedian never shies away from speaking his mind on his podcast. Recently to make things entertaining, Rogan had his comedian friends, Tony Hinchcliffe and Bert Kreischer. The three got together and had some of the most hilarious conversations about a fellow comedian/actor, Pete Davidson.

Pete is a comedian and an SNL cast member who has been in the headlines for the past two years ever since he dated popstar, Ariane Grande. Following the break of the two, Pete once again has all the spotlight to himself as he started dating the ex-wife of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian.

Joe was full of praise for Pete as he continuously dates top stars which is not very common among the comedy fraternity. Hinchcliffe kicked off the funny comments by saying, “We haven’t seen Kim and Pete’s kid yet. There is new genetics in the world that is gonna cross out, whatever Pete Davidson one on.” [Transcript from Essentially Sports]

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Joe Rogan compares Pete to Hollywood star Warren Beatty

Joe Rogan
Joe has one of the most popular podcasts in the world

Joe chimed in on the jokes and said, “Well, whatever he has got going on, that guy is slinging d**k like nobody’s ever lived. The Warren Beatty of 2022.” Joe has never had Davidson on the podcast. However, Rogan has an interesting history with Kim Kardashian.

Joe went from trolling Kim on stage during his comedy shows to never making fun of the Kardashian woman. Rogan has publicly said that he gained massive respect for Kim ever since her fight to imprison people who were jailed unjustly for a long period of time. Since her prison reform movement, Joe has also said that he would like to have Kim on his show.

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