“Zuck himself doesn’t post,” Joe Rogan joins Elon Musk in trolling Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Ghost Town’ Threads app

Elon Musk spoke with UFC color commentator Joe Rogan on Mark Zuckerberg and his X replica Threads' demise. Musk returned as the guest of JRE recently.

“Zuck himself doesn’t post,” Joe Rogan joins Elon Musk in trolling Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Ghost Town’ Threads app

Joe Rogan and Elon Musk talks about Threads ( Image via X )

Elon Musk recently appeared on Joe Rogan‘s podcast. There, he took a light-hearted dig at Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta. Musk is known for his candid remarks, and this time, Mark Zuckerberg became the target of it. Musk openly discussed Threads, Meta’s latest social media app, which was very much like Twitter.

Elon Musk, who owns X (formerly known as Twitter), humorously noted that Zuckerberg did not use Threads much. Meanwhile, Joe Rogan even compared the platform to a “ghost town,” and Musk pointed out its eerily quiet atmosphere. This is what Musk said:

I mean Zuck himself doesn't post, so...you gotta use your own product.
Elon Musk via JRE.

Musk couldn’t resist giving some advice to “Zuck.” He candidly highlighted the importance of using one’s product. Threads is an app created by Instagram that allows users to engage in text-based conversations. It serves as a platform like traditional messaging apps and is similar to Elon Musk’s X.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s fight was an interesting discussion that ultimately never occurred. The feud began when Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg exchanged challenges for a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight in a cage. Musk issued the challenge, and Zuckerberg accepted it swiftly. However, the fight never materialized. Mark Zuckerberg announced in August that he was no longer pursuing the cage match against Elon Musk. He cited Musk’s lack of seriousness in calling off the fight.

Joe Rogan was disappointed by Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou’s decision outcome

Joe Rogan was astonished when Tyson Fury won the split decision against Francis Ngannou. The clash between the former UFC heavyweight champion and the WBC heavyweight champion had the attention of the majority of the fight world.

Tyson Fury Francis Ngannou
Tyson Fury won the fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia via full decision ( Image via Imago )

It was Ngannou’s debut boxing match, and he was the clear underdog going into the fight. However, Francis Ngannou shocked the entire world with his stellar performance. Joe Rogan was highly disappointed by the decision of the fight. He said:

Francis Ngannou had never had a boxing match ever in his life…knocked down Tyson Fury in the third round, beat him up in the eighth round…Most people, including me, thought he should’ve won the decision…He won on one judge’s scorecard… which is f*cking outrageous.
Joe Rogan via JRE.

Many, including Rogan, anticipated Fury to dominate the fight. However, as the fight progressed, everybody realized that they had underestimated the former UFC champion. The decision infuriated many in the combat sports realm. Ngannou revealed he wanted a rematch to put the discussion to an end.

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