Joe Rogan makes case for having “f*** you money” and how to use it

Joe Rogan explains the value of money and how it is important to fulfilling dreams.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is undoubtedly one of the most prominent celebrities in recent times. The UFC colour commentator has the biggest Podcast show in the world and makes a whole lot of money.

In one of the podcasts with Lex Fridman, Rogan opened up about his financial status and what he likes to do with it. Rogan explained that he has a lot of money so it doesn’t concern him what others think about him. Rogan mentioned the concept of having ‘f**k you money and the freedoms of it. Rogan revealed that he has a lot of money that’s why he likes to buy cars which were his childhood dream so why not.

“I have what you call f**k you money. If you have f*** you money, you don’t say f*** you, what’s the point of having the f*** you money? You’re wasting it like you’re wasting the position… Someone said to me why you like sports cars so much? Like, how many cars you have? A bunch of cars because if I was a kid, and I said, hey if I was that crazy rich, famous guy like I wanna have a bunch of cool fu****g cars.”

Joe then mentioned that not everyone has the luxury to say, buy and do everything so if someone has it they should use it. He said :

“I would do that because not everybody gets to do that. If you’re the person who gets to do that, you’re kind of supposed to do it if you want to. If that really does speak to you. The point is, like, I like what I like and if I can do what I want to do, I should do what I want to do.”

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An insight on Joe Rogan’s worth and current Influence on his audience

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Money is not the only thing that made Joe Rogan the fearless speaker he is now. Rogan was always straightforward and that actually helped him to earn more money through his podcast.

The comedian is currently one of the biggest names in America. In 2020, Rogan made a deal with Spotify for his podcast which was a whopping $200 million. Other than that, Rogan also bought many properties and investments with great value. Rogan is simply a billionaire with a lot of assets and the courage to say things which others don’t, regardless of always being politically correct.

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Nobody knows if Rogan is into charity because he never reveals anything like that; however, he surely helps many youngsters with his content.

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