“I would’ve gone full Conor McGregor route…” Joe Rogan praises Aaron Rodgers for making steroid-free comeback from injury taking sly jibe at UFC superstar

Aaron Rodgers' recovery without banned substances earns Joe Rogan's respect, highlighting a stark contrast to Conor McGregor's controversial rehabilitation methods.

“I would’ve gone full Conor McGregor route…” Joe Rogan praises Aaron Rodgers for making steroid-free comeback from injury taking sly jibe at UFC superstar

Joe Rogan praises Aaron Rodgers for not following the Conor McGregor route to injury recovery (Image via: IMAGO, Instagram)

NFL superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a recent guest on Joe Rogan‘s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rodgers has not played since he ruptured his Achilles Tendon in the match against the Buffalo Bills in September 2023. Surprising many, Rodgers came back quicker than expected. However, Rodgers did not use any performance-enhancing substances to accelerate his recovery. Rogan found Rodgers’ path to be the antithesis of that of Conor McGregor. McGregor had broken his leg at UFC 264 in July of 2021.


Rogan applauded Rodgers for the way he recovered. This is what he said about it.

What's interesting is that there's stuff that you can do that you didn't do because it's not allowed, which is very admirable on your part, but I would have f*cking done it. I would have done everything, like let's go. I would have gone the full Conor McGregor route.
Joe Rogan via JRE

Rogan had made different remarks about Conor McGregor’s road to recovery. He initially remarked on McGregor’s piss melting the USADA testing cup. The statement made McGregor respond viciously as he trolled Rogan. Joe Rogan has since made statements that McGregor was clean, much to the surprise of many. Moreover, Rogan has even revealed that he liked the idea of fighters using substances for better health.

Rogan is an open advocate of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Moreover, he has credited his good health to the treatment. Rogan is also an advocate for the use of Cannabis. He had great things to say when the USADA and the UFC removed Cannabis from their list of banned substances. Nate Diaz was the reason for it, and therefore UFC VP Jeff Novitzky informally called it the Nate Diaz Law.


Joe Rogan defended Aaron Rodgers during the COVID-19 vaccination controversy

The COVID-19 pandemic created a lot of changes in the world. Nonetheless, the UFC went with their business as usual. However, that was not the case for other US sports leagues like the NFL and NBA. In the NBA, Kyrie Irving refused vaccination, which resulted in fines. Aaron Rodgers, who was with Green Bay Packers at the time, also did not take the vaccine.

Aaron Rodgers defended by Joe Rogan
Aaron Rodgers defended by Joe Rogan (Image Courtesy- Imago)

Due to miscommunication, the NFL and the Packers thought Rodgers got the vaccine. After Rodgers contracted the disease, it came to light that Rodgers was unvaccinated. It created a lot of controversy, but Joe Rogan came to his defense. Rodgers had told Rogan about his allergies as the reason for his hesitancy.

Rogan was very critical of the actions of various governments during the pandemic era. A similar case was the case of UFC CEO Dana White. Both Rogan and White received severe criticism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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