“Face looked like a guy takes gear!” PED expert breaks down Conor McGregor’s probable steroid use to Joe Rogan ahead of superstar’s comeback

PED expert Derek Munro discusses Conor McGregor's rapid muscle gain and facial changes, suggesting possible steroid use during recovery on Joe Rogan's podcast.

“Face looked like a guy takes gear!” PED expert breaks down Conor McGregor’s probable steroid use to Joe Rogan ahead of superstar’s comeback

Joe Rogan discuss Conor McGregor's alleged steroid use (Image via: Unherd, SCMP)

PED expert Derek Munro discussed Conor McGregor‘s alleged steroid use in the recent Joe Rogan Experience episode. McGregor gears up for his return in 2024. Michael Chandler is McGregor’s presumed opponent. Munro’s insight shed light on McGregor’s alleged steroid use during his recovery from the leg break.


The discussion between Joe Rogan and Munro piqued the interest and concern of the MMA community. This is what Munro said of McGregor:

To me, his face looked like the first time a guy takes gear. Like, 'Oh wow, you've gained like 15 pounds of water...."It didn't even look like it was an attempt to do it in a, you know, 'I'm trying to micro-dose' way. It's like a real cycle.
Derek Munro via JRE

The PED expert pointed out McGregor’s significant muscle mass increase and facial changes as indicators of alleged steroid use. These physical transformations were key discussion points as they were indicators of alleged steroid use by Conor McGregor. Moreover, Rogan and Munro also talked about the short and long-term effects of steroids.

McGregor was out of the USADA testing pool since his leg break. He has recently returned to the USADA testing pool. However, USADA and UFC did not renew their contract. Drug-Free Sports International will be the anti-doping partner of the UFC from January 2024. Moreover, the USADA CEO used McGregor as a scapegoat after the UFC did not renew its contract with the UFC.


Joe Rogan justifies alleged steroid use of Conor McGregor post-injury

In the recent podcast episode with Derek Munro, popularly known as Derek MPMD, Rogan discussed steroid use. Munro, a PED expert, had great insights into the usage of PEDs. Rogan was not completely against steroid use. He does TRT, a banned substance in MMA.

Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor
Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor (Image credit- The Guardian, Marca)

Rogan justified the alleged steroid use of McGregor. This is what he said about it to Munro:

That's when you should do it, when you have something like a catastrophic leg injury. I mean, he's got rods in his legs, he's had multiple surgeries. It's not just one, yeah. You know, it doesn't always heal right, and it breaks again.
Joe Rogan via JRE

The comedian believed that a catastrophic injury necessitates the use of steroids. Rogan also provided the case of Dan Hooker, who re-injured his hand after breaking it at UFC 290. He said that Hooker’s case warranted the use of steroids, which the USADA might not allow. Rogan believed that Hooker’s hand would not have broken again had he used steroids to maximize the recovery.

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