UFC exec SLAMS USADA publicly for using Conor McGregor’s name to drive ‘disgusting, false’ narrative

Hunter Campbell criticizes USADA, accusing them of using Conor McGregor's name to create a false narrative.

UFC exec SLAMS USADA publicly for using Conor McGregor’s name to drive ‘disgusting, false’ narrative

Hunter Campbell defends Conor McGregor (Image via X/NoSmokeSport, Imago)

Hunter Campbell publicly criticized the USADA for what he deemed a fake narrative involving superstar Conor McGregor. Campbell is the Chief Business Officer of the UFC. He rarely does media and his bashing of USADA says enough about the severity of the issue.


Campbell took aim at USADA’s use of Conor McGregor‘s name to push a false narrative. The UFC executive said, “What they’ve done to him is disgusting.” He further elaborated, “Using him as a media vehicle to advance a fake narrative is disturbing, disgusting.” He further bashed the USADA and blamed them for harming the integrity of the doping program.“Incredibly disappointing , they’ve did tremendous damage to the integrity of the program,” Campbell said.

According to Campbell, the false narrative propagated by USADA was that of the UFC asking leniency for Conor McGregor. A recent statement by the USADA CEO insinuated that the UFC is not re-signing with USADA for issues related to Conor McGregor. This was in the wake of McGregor’s re-entry to the USADA testing pool. Dana White has clearly insinuated that they are going to take legal measures against the USADA. All the news has unfolded post rumors of Conor McGregor headlining UFC 300.

Conor McGregor is a former two-division champion and one of the most recognizable figures in MMA. He broke his leg gruesomely at UFC 264, an event that McGregor and Dustin Poirier headlined. After he recovered, McGregor coached against Michael Chandler on TUF 31. Chandler is the presumed opponent for McGregor at the rumored UFC 300 event.


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Hunter Campbell vows to create a better anti-doping program than USADA

The news of the nasty USADA-UFC split made the news in the past 24 hours. In light of the allegations of USADA, Hunter Campbell and Jeff Novitzky put out a press conference. Campbell began the conference by providing the backstory of the incident.

Hunter Campbell and Dana White saved UFC 279

Campbell said that he had already informed the USADA months prior about the UFC going in a new direction as far as anti-doping is concerned. He said his conversation with the CEO of USADA, Travis Tygart did not go well. Moreover, Tygart challenged Campbell and Jeff Novitzky to create a better anti-doping program to which Campbell replied, “That’s exactly what we’re gonna do.”

Hunter Campbell is often described as the man behind the scenes of the UFC. Moreover, Campbell amazingly saved the UFC 279 pay-per-view post the infamous weight miss of Khamzat Chimaev. With quick thinking, the UFC executive reshuffled three bouts to save the card. Furthermore, he is informally called the man in the shadows by MMA media, as Dana White is the man in the light.


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