“He molested a hundred deaf kids,” Joe Rogan sickened by pope for protecting pedophile priests

Joe Rogan slams the Pope for hiding crimes committed by Vatican priests

“He molested a hundred deaf kids,” Joe Rogan sickened by pope for protecting pedophile priests

Joe Rogan , late Pope Benedict XVI (via : Dallas Morning News/catholic review)

Joe Rogan is visibly shocked and slams Pope Benedict for his vicious crimes and pedophilia in Vatican City. The UFC color commentator and famous podcast host Joe Rogan has talked about his close call with a child predator in one of his episodes.

Given Rogan’s experience, one can understand why he has slammed the Vatican City in more than one episode with different guests. This time around Joe Rogan talked about how Pope Benedict XVI shipped priests and let them molest children with Joey Diaz.


Pope Benedict had been under heat for failing to act against child molestation in Roman Catholic Church. He repeatedly denied every accusation of him helping in covering up the crime.

However, the former Pope did provide false information during an enquiry covering up for a priest. Rogan on his podcast talked about how there are criminal charges against Pope Benedict which is why he stepped down and stays in the Vatican.

According to Joe Rogan, Pope Benedict XVI also shipped priests to places where they won’t get in trouble. “He had this one guy that was accused of molesting, so he sent him to a place where he worked with deaf kids and molested 100 deaf kids,” exclaimed furious Joe Rogan. Rogan also talked about how many people are aware of these occurrences but not many take action letting the priests walk away scott-free.


Despite being the smallest nation Vatican City has its fair share of hidden secrets. After Pope Benedict stepped down in 2013 Pope Francis became the head of the Roman Catholic Church. While Rogan might not worship Pope Francis but he appreciates some of the work he’s done during his time as the Pope.

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Joe Rogan Talks about the Kidnapping of girl from Vatican city

vatican city

Joe Rogan has many times slammed the Vatican City calling it a city full of pedophiles. In one of his episodes, Rogan talked about the evil behind Pope Benedict’s actions. Rogan with guest comedian Andrew Santino also discussed the kidnapping of a teenage girl in Vatican City.


Despite the size of the city the Vatican is said to have many dark secrets. Emanuel Orlandi a citizen of Vatican City vanished into thin air on June 1983. Joe Rogan with guest Andrew Santino talked about the horrendous deed of Pope Benedict when. Andrew later questioned Rogan if he was aware of the Vatican girl kidnapping case. The girl kidnapped was a resident of the city of Vatican. Andrew later talked about a Netflix documentary regarding the case . He later revealed the kidnapping could have been well coordinated with even the Pope involved.

Rogan also talked about how people are aware of priests in the Vatican molesting children but no action is taken. The Pope’s longtime Secretary has released a book “My Days With Benedict XVI ” about his life beside Pope Benedict which might contain some clues leading the case to be reopened after nearly 40 years and

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