Joe Rogan SLAMMED for not confronting ‘blatant steroid abuser’ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson about MMA story

UFC star Chael Sonnen blasts Joe Rogan for not questioning Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson about his steroid use and desire to join PRIDE.

Joe Rogan SLAMMED for not confronting ‘blatant steroid abuser’ Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson about MMA story

Chael Sonnen slams Joe Rogan over not confronting Dwayne Johnson on his steroid use (via Imago/Men's Health)

A-list Hollywood star and former WWE champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made news recently for his open discussions with host Joe Rogan on a Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode. But MMA legend Chael Sonnen criticized Rogan for failing to bring up a pertinent query regarding Johnson’s purported steroid use, calling the exchange “two actors pretending.”

Chael Sonnen also pointed out that Johnson’s potential presidential ambitions were a topic Joe Rogan failed to address during the three-hour-long episode. In 2016, The Rock contemplated running for President of the United States, gaining significant public support despite not revealing his political views at the time. Sonnen also wondered why Rogan did not ask Johnson about his blatant steroid use. This is what he said:

The Rock had a story that he was considering going into Pride. When you are a blatant steroid abuser, and you are sitting there juiced out of your mind, you are going to go to that one organization. It would have been a good time for Joe Rogan to give him the bump back, but he didn’t do it.
Chael Sonnen via YT

Despite the criticism, Sonnen admired Dwayne Johnson for his narrative talent. He acknowledged Johnson’s intriguing tales and authentic stories as adding value to the podcast. He also recognized Johnson’s ability to captivate viewers with his personal experiences.

As the debate about whether Joe Rogan squandered a chance to address key aspects of Dwayne Johnson’s life continues, it remains to be seen how this episode will affect both Rogan and Johnson’s future podcast debates and public opinion.

Chael Sonnen opens up about his Anderson Silva tattoo and why he got it

Chael Sonnen recently made waves among the MMA community. He revealed the real reason behind his shocking choice to acquire a fake tattoo of Anderson Silva. The two combatants had a well-documented rivalry during their tenure in the cage. Unfortunately for Chael, Silva came victorious on both occasions.

Chael Sonnen opens up about his Anderson Silva tattoo
Chael Sonnen opens up about his Anderson Silva tattoo (via X)

Chael Sonnen recently revealed on Michael Bisping’s show that the tattoo was a promotional ploy for Anderson Silva’s upcoming biography. The former UFC middleweight contender revealed that the fake tattoo was a sticker that had already faded off his arm.

Sonnen said he helped promote Anderson Silva’s series, which debuted on Paramount+ on November 16. Sonnen’s fake tattoo helped to generate discussion and interest for the movie based on the iconic UFC Hall of Famer’s life.

Sonnen’s revelation highlights the friendship that can exist beyond the octagon. It also emphasizes the entertainment and promotional components that make up the world of mixed martial arts.


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