“Greatest basketball player on your golf course”- Joe Rogan subtly settles the GOAT conversation between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are two of the most celebrated players to ever compete in the NBA, and Joe Rogan may have settled the GOAT debate between these two.

Joe Rogan, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James
Joe Rogan, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James

UFC commentator and analyst, Joe Rogan run a very successful podcast by the name of The Joe Rogan Experience. JRE is well known for all sorts of people coming over and discussing the most bizarre issues with absolutely no filter at all.

Rogan is a crucial member of the MMA community, and he is partly responsible for bringing modern-day MMA to the mainstream media. Rogan knows every ins and out of the sport, and he also keeps a close eye on other sporting ecosystems. He is an avid follower of the NBA, NFL, and boxing.

He often provides his input on the recent issues regarding these sports, and lately, his comments about Michael Jordan sparked a controversy among the fans. There is a never-ending debate among the NBA fans, on who’s the true G.O.A.T. Some vouch for LeBron while others believe Jordan is the undisputed king.

For LeBron’s fans, it’s his longevity that makes him the best, while for Jordan’s, the efficiency he maintained throughout his career, makes him the best. Rogan is a big fan of both of them, and he claimed, as a martial artist, LeBron would’ve been a force to be reckoned with.

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Joe Rogan recalls the incident where Michael Jordan was kicked off a golf course

Joe Rogan on Michael Jordan
Joe Rogan on Michael Jordan

While Rogan had nothing to say about who’s better between these two, a conversation he had on The Joe Rogan Experience, regarding Michael Jordan’s presence was enough to make headlines. He recalled the incident where Jordan was kicked out of the golf course because of his dress.

Rogan lashed out at the authorities for doing so, and he claimed Jordan’s popularity would’ve done wonders for the place. Rogan said, “We were just talking about how they kicked Michael Jordan off a course because he was wearing cargo shorts while he was playing golf. That’s crazy. Wouldn’t you be happy that Jordan’s on your f****** golf course?” (H/T Essentially Sports)

He added, “It [silly rules] doesn’t matter. It’s Jordan! For sure, people would show up if they find out he’s there —- I mean like more people would go to that course. People will be excited. The greatest basketball player of all-time plays golf on your golf course.” (H/T Essentially Sports)

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