“Only Ronaldo and Messi can challenge him globally” Shannon Sharpe compares Michael Jordan’s insane popularity to footballing GOATs

Ronaldo, Messi, Jordan, Who is the greatest of them all? Sports media analyst Shannon Sharpe opinionated upon the same.

Sporting Legends, Global icons, Messi, Ronaldo and Jordan
Sporting Legends, Global icons, Messi, Ronaldo and Jordan

Michael Jordan is not just an NBA legend, he is a global icon and an inspiration to athletes and people in general. The 5th race of the 2022 Formula 1 calendar brought us all to Miami for the first ever Grand Prix at this venue. With racing festivities of this scale, the Stars descended to the track themselves. NBA Legend Michael Jordan, former England Soccer Team Captain David Beckham and NFL Legend Tom Brady caught up with 7-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton for a grand photograph. 

Jordan, on Sunday, attended the Miami F1 Grand Prix at the Miami International Autodrome. A photo of Jordan with Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham and Tom Brady exploded on the Instagram, with hundreds of accolades and thousand of records to these athletes’ names. MJ has been avid follower of Formula 1, he has often been vocal upon his love for the sport. While Brady on the other hand, was spotted playing Golf with the seven-time world champion a day before. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan
Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan

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“Only Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo come close to Michael Jordan”

Lewis Hamilton with Michael Jordan, David Beckham and Tom Brady
Lewis Hamilton with Michael Jordan, David Beckham and Tom Brady

While Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest player to have graced the game of basketball, winning 6-NBA championships in his illustrious career full of poster dunks. The interesting question is, whether he is the greatest athlete of all time, the most influential worldwide. There are not many people who can challenge Jordan globally expect the two globally acclaimed, all time greats in football, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. While discussing with Skip on “Undisputed: Skip & Shannon”, Shannon Sharpe said –

Sharpe implied that only Messi and Ronaldo are the two worldwide superstars who could compete with Jordan in terms of popularity. That might be somewhat true, however football is by far the most popular sport in the world. Jordan made basketball a global sport, but the younger generation only knows him through his shoe brand. The irony also is that Messi, who after his move to Paris Saint Germain, wears the Jordan logo on his shirt, as the PSG kit is manufactured by Jordan’s brand.

It inevitably sparked controversy as to who is the greatest athlete of all time. The fans on twitter made their choices clear,

The 2 GOAT’s of football had a pretty rough season transitioning to new leagues and teams. The debate relating to who the best football player is still the biggest question in the history of the sport. Now add to that who is the greatest athlete of all time and you might start World War 3 soon.

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Michael Jordan

While the answer is subjective but it remains to be seen how many accolades the footballing greats collect before they hang up their boots. One thing is absolutely clear, that these legends transcend the sport and no matter who is better in any aspect, us fans cherish the innumerable moments of pure bliss they have given us. Ronaldo, Messi and Jordan are truly one of a kind !

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