“Influenced by what the crowd was into,” John McCarthy told his son that he messed up the decision of Paddy Pimblett vs Jared Gordon at UFC 282

“Influenced by what the crowd was into,” John McCarthy told his son that he messed up the decision of Paddy Pimblett vs Jared Gordon at UFC 282

John McCarthy disagreed over the winner of Paddy vs Gordon( Image Courtesy - ESPN and MMA Fighting)

Paddy Pimblett and Jared Gordon fought in what would end up being a very controversial co-main event at UFC 282. Many disagreed with how the fight was scored and now, “Big” John McCarthy finds himself as one of them.

McCarthy’s son, Ron, was among the judges who scored the bout and has been judging UFC events since 2013. Ron McCarthy, along with Doug Crosby, gave Pimblett 10-9 wins in the first two rounds.

On his podcast, called Weighing In, Big John said, “My son was one of the judges and he asked me and I said, ‘You got that wrong. I thought Jared Gordon won 29-28.’ … truthfully, Paddy did not punch as many times as Jared Gordon. He didn’t land as much as Jared Gordon and the shots that he landed were not as good.”

McCarthy then explained what he thought affected the judges’ scoring. “When you get the crowd reaction and that’s what you’re hearing, there’s times when you’re not seeing that angle but you’re hearing the reaction of the crowd and it’s an influencer. And I think they got influenced by what the crowd was into.”

With this statement, McCarthy has certainly shed on what the judges’ perspective could have been while they were scoring the fight at UFC 282.

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How did the fight between Jared Gordon and Paddy Pimblett go down at UFC 282?

Paddy Pimblett vs. Jared Gordon [Image Source - MMA Fighting]
Paddy Pimblett vs. Jared Gordon [Image Source – MMA Fighting]

The co-main event fight between Gordon and Paddy Pimblett got the mixed martial arts (MMA) community talking, but not for the right reasons. Pimblett controversially extended his current winning streak to six straight (four in the UFC) by winning a unanimous decision with a trio of 29-28 scorecards.

The fight was competitive but many, like John McCarthy, feel as if Gordon should have been given the decision over Pimblett. Gordon controlled most of the fight, especially in the third round.

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Although Paddy too had his moments, Gordon also did rock Paddy The Baddy in the first round. And “Flash” also landed 3 takedowns to Paddy’s 0, ending the night with a 50% takedown accuracy.

Pimblett stated immediately after the victory that he saw no problems with the ruling. According to MMA Decisions, 90.7 percent of 2032 fan voters scored the fight in Gordon’s favor at the time of publication, with the most popular card being 30-27 Gordon at 47.1 percent. However, with the win In the bag and his UFC winning streak up to 4 now, Paddy will probably not be too concerned about this.

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