WATCH: Jon Jones makes BLOODY mess out of comedian Steve-O’s ears with UFC belt and hammer

Discover the bizarre story of Jon Jones' cameo in Steve-O's comedy special and the shocking ear-cutting stunt gone wrong, while Jones awaits his return to the octagon.

WATCH: Jon Jones makes BLOODY mess out of comedian Steve-O’s ears with UFC belt and hammer

Jon Jones destroyed the ear of Steve-O (Image via: Irish Mirror, IMAGO)

Jon Jones is the UFC’s heavyweight champion, currently nursing a pectoral injury. The injury has sidelined him for at least eight months, removing him from the UFC 295 PPV headliner against Stipe Miocic. Jones has a past that showcased him as a ‘bad boy.’ The iconic daredevil and Jackass star Steve-O recently released his comedy special, ‘Steve-O’s Bucket List,’ in which Jon Jones made a cameo appearance.


In the video, Jon Jones was involved in a disturbing incident with Steve-O, where a stunt resulted in the cutting off of part of Steve-O’s ear. Steve-O met Jon Jones in 2020. He wanted a cauliflower ear, common among MMA fighters, especially wrestlers. However, their attempt took a turn for the worse. He and Jones initially tried to create cauliflower ears using weights. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.

This made Jones use his UFC belt and a hammer to create the cauliflower ear effect. This involved placing his ear on a metal base and striking it with the hammer with the belt on top. The stunt went horribly wrong as Steve-O did not get a cauliflower ear but instead had his ear bloodied.

Jones is presumed to make his return to the octagon in late 2024 against Stipe Miocic. Miocic and Jones have hinted at retirement after the bout. However, no official confirmation has been made by either party or the UFC.


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Fans react to Steve-O trying to get cauliflower ear from brutal Jon Jones blows

The response to the audacious stunt by Steve O and Jon Jones has created a significant buzz among fans on social media. The stunt which is a part of Steve-O’s special ‘Steve-O’s Bucket List,’ has sparked a mix of amazement and disbelief on the Internet.

Jon Jones beating the ear Steve-O
Jon Jones beating the ear Steve-O (Image via: X/Andrew Feldman)

Fans on social media marveled at Steve-O’s fearlessness and Jones’ participation in such a daring act. See the fan reaction to the video below.

The collaboration between Steve-O and Jon Jones has undoubtedly heightened interest in the special. Jon Jones is arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time, and, if not for a DQ loss, is undefeated in MMA. He did have close fights with Thiago Santos and Dominick Reyes before his hiatus from MMA. However, he further enhanced his claim of being the GOAT at UFC 285 when he defeated Ciryl Gane for the vacant UFC heavyweight title.


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