Jorge Masvidal exposes shocking reality of greatest female fighter Amanda Nunes’ chances against ‘bottom of the barrel’ male fighters

Jorge Masvidal recently appeared on a podcast where he spoke about former teammate and UFC champion Amanda Nunes.

Jorge Masvidal exposes shocking reality of greatest female fighter Amanda Nunes’ chances against ‘bottom of the barrel’ male fighters

Jorge Masvidal on Amanda Nunes vs. UFC male fighter ( Image via Imago )

Retired UFC icon Jorge Masvidal recently made a memorable appearance on ‘The Kim Congdon Takeover’ podcast. He engaged in a lively conversation on a variety of subjects, including politics, fellow fighters like Colby Covington, and even humorous tales involving sugar daddies.


The podcast, hosted by comedian and actress Kimberly Congdon, featured Masvidal as its inaugural guest. The duo set the stage for candid and unrestrained revelations. During their chat, Jorge reminisced about his former teammate, Amanda Nunes, and their shared experiences as training partners.

He vividly described how Nunes, a two-time UFC women’s bantamweight champion and former featherweight champion, would consistently dominate her woman fighters during the sparring sessions. Jorge Masvidal held Amanda in high regard, hailing her as the greatest women’s fighter ever gracing the sport.

However, the conversation took an intriguing twist when Masvidal posed a hypothetical scenario. He suggested that even a male UFC fighter with a relatively modest 2-2 record could overpower female opponents if they unleashed their full potential in the octagon. Jorge justified this perspective by highlighting the perceived disparities in speed, power, and explosiveness between male and female fighters. He underlined the remarkable resilience exhibited by male fighters and thus justified his argument.


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Jorge Masvidal’s reaction when former teammate Amanda Nunes left ATT

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal spoke on Amanda Nunes leaving ATT (Image via Imago)

Transitioning to a different topic, Masvidal addressed a significant development within the American Top Team (ATT) community. Amanda Nunes, a fixture at ATT since 2014, recently decided to establish her gym, departing from the renowned MMA facility. Masvidal conveyed his genuine sentiments about this move, characterizing Nunes’s departure as a “devastating blow” to ATT.

During his guest appearance on The MMA Hour, Masvidal shared his thoughts. He said that witnessing her progression had been remarkable, especially under the banner of the American Top Team. Although he had not personally trained or sparred with her, he felt a sense of shared journey and camaraderie. His words echoed the collective sentiment within ATT, as he added that it undoubtedly stings. However, he wished she would have continued her journey with them. Jorge mentioned that ATT held her in high regard, genuinely cared about her, and that it was a substantial loss.

Nunes’s departure followed her surprising loss to Julianna Pena at UFC 269, marking her first defeat in her seven-year tenure with the team. Amanda Nunes announced her retirement from MMA in June 2023. She made this decision shortly after defending her UFC bantamweight title. Nunes ended her career with a unanimous decision win over Irene Aldana at UFC 289 in Vancouver.


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