“Let’s do this for everyone” Kevin Holland offers to set up a grand farewell for Nate Diaz

Kevin Holland offered to give the fans what they want and be the one top send off Nate Diaz

Kevin Holland x Nate Diaz
Holland and Diaz are a fan favourite pairing

Kevin Holland wants to set up passing of the torch fight against Nate Diaz and he isn’t scared of short notice. Holland was victorious last week in his fight against Tim Means at UFC Austin and is already on the lookout for his next fight.

As many are well aware, Nate Diaz has one last fight left on his current UFC contract with him showing no interest in signing another one. The UFC however have either shown zero interest in booking the fight or have sent mismatches so great that Nate is sure to refuse.

While the UFC has offered Nate a fight against Khamzat Chimaev, fans of the sport believe the superior wrestling of Chimaev will probably determine the outcome of the fight even before the first buzzer. On the contrary Holland seems like a Welterweight who would pair up ideally with Nate Diaz.

Both fighters rely on their standup and have a respectable submission skillset as Holland recently proved. What’s more? Both like talking trash in and out of the octagon. In fact one can soundly argue that it was the Diaz brothers who inspired Holland to take up trash talking while even inside the octagon.

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Kevin Holland offers Nate Diaz smoke outside the octagon in farewell fight call out

Kevin Holland x Nate Diaz
Holland had a spectacular performance at UFC Austin, submitting Tim Means in Round 2

A win over an outgoing star like Nate can do wonders for a fighter like Holland who is already a Fan Favourite. Hence many have received the idea of the bout well and consider it to be a perfect passing of the torch.

Holland took to Twitter where he put out a somewhat heartfelt call out to Nate in what can be summarised as a tribute to the fans as well as the UFC veteran. He said, “I’ll take anyone. He’ll take anyone. (Nate Diaz)let’s do this for everyone!” referring to the fan hype around the possibility of this fight. Holland would also mention an old comment by Dana White saying, ” I think this moves the needle! “ alluding to the time when White said Nate Diaz was “not a needle mover”

He ended the callout with what seemed to be an invitation to smoke with the iconic Diaz bros. He said, “I want all the smoke both inside and outside the cage”

Who do you favour in this fantasy bout?

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