“King of calling cops and sucking c***,” Jorge Masvidal hilariously jibes at Colby Covington for having restraining order against him

Jorge Masvidal made hilariously calls "King of calling cops and sucking c*****" for Colby Covington at the press conference.

“King of calling cops and sucking c***,” Jorge Masvidal hilariously jibes at Colby Covington for having restraining order against him

"King of calling cops and sucking c***," Jorge Masvidal hilariously jibes at Colby Covington during UFC 287 Prefight press conference (Image Source: MMA Junkie)

Jorge Masvidal spoke candidly about his rival Colby Covington during a press conference on Wednesday. Masvidal is set to fight Gilbert Burns at UFC 287, and the ongoing feud between him and Covington was once again a hot topic.

When asked if he thought Colby Covington would attend his fight, Jorge Masvidal didn’t hold back with his response. Masvidal called Covington an attention-seeker and insulted him, saying he’s, “only the king of calling cops and sucking c****.” Masvidal also made it clear that he doesn’t care if Covington shows up or not.

The long-standing feud between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington began when they were former training partners and good friends. The rivalry between the two fighters escalated during the build-up to their highly-anticipated match at UFC 272, as they engaged in personal and relentless trash-talking.

Gambred though doesn’t care if Colby will be Present at UFC 287 or not. Jorge himself said if he is at the same place then it is better to keep Colby Covington away from him at least 100 feet away. Gamebred as usual was seen trash-talking against his biggest rival. Both the best friends turned out to be one of the biggest rivals and are still not afraid of fighting each other at any time.

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Why is everyone keeping Colby Covington away from Jorge Masvidal?

Covington-Masvidal Rivalry. (Image Source: MMA Mania)

Jorge Masvidal is currently facing charges for allegedly attacking Covington outside a Miami restaurant after a match. Covington claimed the attack caused him brain injury, but Masvidal made it clear during the press conference that he doesn’t believe that’s true.

Masvidal insisted he was innocent and pointed out that the attacker wore a COVID mask, which he said he would never do. Colby Covington accused Jorge Masvidal of assaulting him outside a restaurant. Covington claimed that Masvidal punched him twice in the face while wearing a surgical mask, a hoodie, and sweatpants.

In Florida, Jorge’s aggravated battery charge was a third-degree felony. The offence was if the perpetrator wore a hood or mask to conceal their identity. However, court records showed that the State Attorney’s office has decided not to pursue an indictment on that charge. Later “NO ACTION” was listed next to Masvidal’s charge for aggravated battery while wearing a hood or mask.

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