“He didn’t say this in the press…” UFC legend reveals Nate Diaz’s undisclosed ‘nerve-pinching’ injury going into Jake Paul fight

Rampage Jackson and Tyron Woodley discussed the injury faced by Nate Diaz before Jake Paul fight. Rampage praised Diaz for not pulling out.

“He didn’t say this in the press…” UFC legend reveals Nate Diaz’s undisclosed ‘nerve-pinching’ injury going into Jake Paul fight

Nate Diaz was injured during his fight against Jake Paul (Image Courtesy- Imago)

The fight between Jake Paul and UFC legend Nate Diaz was controversial as many fans disagreed with the final outcome. Some fans believed that Diaz had won the fight and given Paul his second loss. However, UFC legend and former champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson recently revealed that Diaz had faced a severe injury before the fight.

Jackson recently hosted Paul’s former rival and fellow UFC veteran Tyron Woodley on his ‘JAXXON’ podcast. They spoke about the Paul vs. Diaz fight and how a lot of fighters don’t talk about their injuries before their fight. Jackson said, “I don’t know if he said this in the press conference but, he was injured. I said Man what’s wrong with you.” Diaz replied by saying that he had a pinched nerve in his back.


However, both Woodley and Jackson credited Diaz for not pulling out of the fight due to the injury. Jackson also jokingly said that he had excuses for all his losses. The fight between Paul and Diaz was one for the ages as it had some very entertaining moments. Despite his loss, Diaz believed that he was the victor in the fight and dominated Paul.

Jackson is one of the most legendary fighters in UFC history and was active for over a decade. However, since his last fight in 2019, Jackson has expressed his wish to return to the Octagon many times in the past. Fans will look forward to seeing Jackson back in the ring.

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Nate Diaz believes he defeated Jake Paul

Diaz has a very active social media presence where he trash-talks his opponents and rivals. He is known for his gangster persona and has entertained MMA fans since his debut in the UFC. However, he believes that he won the fight against Paul clearly.

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz
Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz (Image Courtesy- MMA Fighting)

Diaz took to Twitter, where he posted a video highlighting Paul’s fight against Tommy Fury. The fight was the first loss for Paul in his boxing career. Diaz commented, saying that both Paul and Diaz “suck.” He believes that he gave Paul a harder fight than Fury did. However, Fury had scored a decision victory over Paul whereas Diaz lost.

The fight’s outcome was surprising to many, as Diaz was a more experienced and accomplished fighter. However, Paul showed he is a skilled boxer with great potential. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both fighters.


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