WATCH: Lil Pump crumbles down in pain after UFC star Colby Covington lands body shot to controversial rapper

Colby Covington met the American rap star Lil Pump in Miami at his concert before. He gave the rapper a body shot.

WATCH: Lil Pump crumbles down in pain after UFC star Colby Covington lands body shot to controversial rapper

Before fight with Leon Edwards, Colby Covington punched 'Lil Pump' in the body at his concert. (via X)

Colby Covington faces Leon Edwards for the welterweight title at UFC 296. Ahead of his biggest title fight, Covingtion was blowing off steam in a concert in Miami. He met the Miami native and American rapper Gazzy Garcia, popularly known as ‘Lil Pump.’ Later, ‘Chaos’ hit Garcia with a body shot.


When Lil Pump met Colby Covington backstage at his concert, the rapper asked the UFC fighter to give him a body shot. He wanted to test himself to see if he could take it. ‘Chaos’ agreed and took his stance to deliver the blow. First, he was in an orthodox stance to deliver a right hand to the body. But then switched stances to deliver the punch right to the liver of Garcia. Lil Pump rolled down to the floor and moaned in pain. They shared a good laugh and spent some time together.

‘Lil Pump’ and Colby Covington had known each other for years and even hung out before. They’re alike in their political beliefs and support the former American President Donald Trump. Moreover, they uphold the MAGA, ‘Make America Grear Again’ motto. They even traveled together to meet Trump during his presidential run.

Colby Covington returns to the octagon on December 16 after his last fight with Jorge Masvidal in UFC 272. He fights for the welterweight title against Leon Edwards in UFC 296. Earlier, he fought for the title twice against Kamaru Usman. However, he wasn’t successful, and now he hopes to grab the title from the champion who beat Usman twice.


Colby Covington shared his message on the power of the mind

Colby Covington has a career-defining fight coming this December. He goes at the welterweight title for the third time to attain the UFC glory of becoming a champion. As such, he spoke about his motivations and mindset in a Q&A session at an event by ‘Turning Point USA.’

Colby Covington
Colby Covington (Image Courtesy – MMA Underground)

In the session, someone questioned ‘Chaos’ about his reason for getting up every morning concerning being disciplined as a fighter. As such, Colby Covington mentioned his doubters were the biggest reason and motivation for him. Further, he spoke about the power of the mind and stated that your life would change once you change your mindset. Here is what he said:

Biggest reason to get up in the morning is the doubters. The people that tell you, you can't do something...I've been through 25-minute world title fights and I realized that it's all in the mind. Anything you want in life it's right here. But, you gotta start changing your mind. Once you change your mind, you'll change your life.
Colby Covington via Turning Point USA event

Colby Covington received a lot of hate for his fight persona and his attitude overall. As such, many doubt his ability to become the UFC champion even today. However, ‘Chaos’ made his life’s mission to prove the doubters wrong. Therefore, he would try to make a statement in UFC 296 with his fight against Leon Edwards.

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