With Donald Trump ringside, stakes for Colby Covington’s ‘last’ title shot are high claims UFC legend

Michael Bisping discusses Donald Trump's attendance at Colby Covington's upcoming championship fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

With Donald Trump ringside, stakes for Colby Covington’s ‘last’ title shot are high claims UFC legend

Donald Trump and Colby Covington (Via IMAGO)

Colby Covington will face UFC champion Leon Edwards in his upcoming fight. Michael Bisping suggested that Covington was under pressure with Donald Trump in attendance at UFC 296.

Donald Trump’s presence at UFC 296 is reflective of his significant connection with Colby Covington. The controversial UFC star will face Leon Edwards for the UFC Welterweight Championship this December. Michael Bisping spoke on this matter on his YouTube channel. He said:

He is deep in camp working his a*s off because the pressure’s on. His No.1 guy, Donald J Trump is going to be in the building. So the pressure’s mounting, the pressure’s on and of course, he wants to become a champion over everything else.

Covington has a history of expressing political views and support for Trump, making this association noteworthy. Covington also has a track record of aligning with other celebrities who endorsed the former president. Unsurprisingly, “Chaos” is known to be one of Donald Trump‘s favorite MMA fighters.

He revealed that he partied with Donald Trump just days before the news of his potential welterweight title fight. After defeating Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272, Covington praised Donald Trump, calling him the ‘greatest living American’. Michael Bisping believes this could really be Colby Covington’s last chance at the title.

Colby Covington says he had to earn his title fight the hard way unlike Leon Edwards

Colby Covington emphasized that his UFC 296 title shot was earned the hard way in contrast to Leon Edwards. Covington, with a record of 17 wins and 3 losses, believed his merit distinguished him from Edwards.

Colby Covington
Colby Covington slams Leon Edwards ( Image source: X )

Leon Edwards is the current reigning welterweight champion. Covington suggested that Leon Edwards did not deserve his shot, claiming that his path to the title was more deserving. His conviction that he earned his opportunity irrespective of the fight’s outcome added weight to his claim of hard-earned recognition.

UFC CEO Dana White confirmed Covington as the next welterweight title challenger after Edwards’ victory over Kamaru Usman. Colby Covington will face Leon Edwards in the main event of UFC 296 in Las Vegas for the welterweight title. Both fighters have shared their thoughts leading up to the event.

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