“Got his girl smashed by MMA fighter” – Furious Jon Jones BASHES clothing brand for claiming running is ‘more alpha’ than MMA

Jon Jones vehemently criticizes a clothing brand for asserting that running is ' more alpha' than MMA.

“Got his girl smashed by MMA fighter” – Furious Jon Jones BASHES clothing brand for claiming running is ‘more alpha’ than MMA

Jon Jones (Image via IMAGO)

Jon Jones found himself irritated by an Instagram reel asserting that running is more hard-core than MMA. Engaging in various physical activities is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and running, embraced by millions, provides numerous benefits, enhancing cardiovascular fitness and overall well-being. Simultaneously, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has gained popularity as a fitness regimen, appealing to a broad audience for its effectiveness.

While not everyone pursues MMA professionally, its widespread appeal underscores its value as a fitness activity. Whether choosing the simplicity of running or delving into the dynamic world of MMA, individuals can discover diverse ways to improve their physical well-being.


Recently, an Instagram account belonging to a clothing brand posted a reel disparaging MMA for purportedly being less tough than running. The reel went viral, catching the attention of many MMA athletes, including UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones. In the comments, Jones derided the creator of the reel, asserting that MMA is the most authentic sport in the history of mankind. He wrote, 

Dude definitely got his girl smashed by an MMA fighter...when you're running too hard, you can simply stop or slow down a bit. Being in a MMA fight is like being in the middle of the ocean. You don't know what you're doing, you drown, could literally die. It's the most real sport to ever exist. Can't even call it a sport. It's a way of survival, a way of life.
Jon Jones via Instagram

Jones, who has been at the top of the sport for more than a decade, affirms that in MMA, fighters can lose their lives when they are not careful. According to Jones, MMA is a game of survival and a way of life.


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Demetrious Johnson ranks Jon Jones over himself snubbing GSP and Khabib

Demetrious Johnson recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel in which he made his MMA Mount Rushmore and in the title, he asked if he is the GOAT of MMA.

Jon Jones
Jon Jones (image courtesy of CBS Sports)

Johnson ranked Anderson Silva, a Brazilian icon and middleweight standout, fourth on his list. Following that, he positioned Georges St-Pierre, a multiple-division champion known for his dominance in the UFC’s welterweight division, in the third spot.

In the second spot, Mighty Mouse placed himself for his incredible title defenses and other achievements. But at the top, Johnson places Jon Bones Jones, recognizing Jones’s ability to overpower opponents in the cage, achieving wins through knockouts, putting adversaries to sleep, making decisions, and showcasing a comprehensive skill set.


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