“Throw him on prelims” – Manel Kape throws shade at Israel Adesanya’s teammate over a spot on the historic UFC 300 card

Flyweight fighter Manel Kape goes on social media to take swipe at hated rivals from the City Kickboxing gym.

“Throw him on prelims” – Manel Kape throws shade at Israel Adesanya’s teammate over a spot on the historic UFC 300 card

Manel Kape trashes Israel Adesanya's teammate (via Instagram/MMA Fighting)

Manel Kape recently stirred the pot against the City Kickboxing gym. This comes in the build-up to the historic UFC 300 event. Kape revealed wanting to compete at UFC 300. He also used the chance to criticize another UFC fighter Dan Hooker, a teammate of Israel Adesanya and Kai Kara-France. It happened when Kape reacted to Hooker’s presence on a fan-made UFC 300 card.

Kape claimed Hooker’s presence at the event was unnecessary. He requested that he be downgraded to the prelims. He minced no words in a tweet that caused a social media storm, rejecting Hooker’s importance with a straightforward statement. This audacious declaration quickly piqued the interest of MMA fans. This is what he posted:

UFC 300 I will be competing at middleweight. A small observation, no one wants to see this Hooker sh*t. Throw him on prelims.
Manel Kape via X

No one will forget Kape trash-talking Adesanya. Kape’s choice to participate in the middle category at UFC 300 adds to the situation’s interest. The weight class change might be interpreted as a strategic move or an attempt to state that he was a flyweight. However, this might just be a stint to garner attention as transitioning from flyweight to middleweight is no joke. Nevertheless, he once again dissed City Kickboxing Gym.

Manel Kape’s statements added more hype to the fight between Kara-France and him. The fight was scheduled for UFC 293, but Kara-France pulled out due to injury. Since then, the UFC has not re-booked for a future event. Nevertheless, Kape wants to fight Kara-France soon.

Fight fans react to Manel Kape’s comments about Dan Hooker

Manel Kape has ignited social media with his audacious declaration about participating in the historic event. What sparked the fire was Kape’s unvarnished criticism of another UFC fighter Dan Hooker. He questioned the authenticity of Hooker’s place on a fan-made UFC 300 card and suggested a demotion to the prelims. Hooker is a close teammate with Adesanya and Kara-France. Kape share some bad blood between them after Adesanya tried to defend his teammate from Kape’s verbal assaults.

Manel Kape trash talk Israel Adesanya
Manel Kape trash talk Israel Adesanya (via TalkSport/Twitter)

Here are some of the reactions from fight fans:

The diverse nature of these social media exchanges further adds to the suspense. The MMA community is known for its fervent and vocal fan base. They erupted in a flurry of reactions, showcasing diverse opinions and passionate discussions. Some fight fans defended Hooker as a beloved fighter. Others criticized Kape for his outrageous statements. This is shaping the story that spans well beyond the octagon’s confines.

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