“That dude’s not a doctor”- Matt Brown recalls the time he was approached by a fake doctor during his weight cut

The veteran who is 23-19 in his MMA career revealed a wild weigh-in mishap story

Matt Brown
Matt Brown reveals the only time he missed weight in the UFC due to an imposter

Matt Brown is the definition of the word veteran when it comes to combat sports. In his 42 fight career, 29 of them being with the UFC, Brown has never caused any major controversies and has always tried his level best to put on a show for the fans. However he did miss weight once in his career with the UFC and the story was insane to say the least.

Matt Brown recently did an interview with MMAFighting on SBN where he talked about the crazy circumstances that led to him missing weight before his fight against Robbie Lawler at the main event for UFC on Fox 12. Fans of the sport are well aware that cutting weight can often be the most grueling aspect of MMA. Many fighters have been sent to the hospital due to a bad cut, with the last few pounds being the toughest to cut.

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Matt Brown reveals the only time he missed weight was because of a fake doctor

Matt Brown
At 41 Matt Brown has revealed he has no plans to retire

The 41-year-old fighter revealed how a fake doctor and a few extra pounds to cut led to him missing weight before the event, the only instance in his life. Describing the ordeal as a funny story, the veteran said, “I didn’t have time to cut the weight before the weigh ins so I called Bert (UFC Exec) and said I need 20 more minutes before I get on the bus” This request was denied but Brown was informed that he’d have an hour to cut the half-pound after his initial attempt at the scales.

As Brown got off the scales and started preparing to cut the final half pounds he was approached by someone posing as a doctor for the UFC who said, “You cannot cut no more weight you need to rehydrate” claiming to have watched him on the scales and assessing his condition to be dire. Brown accepted the “Doctor’s” advice and started the process of rehydrating.

A few moments later Brown was approached by Dana White enquiring if anyone had asked him to stop cutting weight. When Brown confirmed that he had indeed started rehydrating a flabbergasted Dana said, “That dude’s not a doctor, we don’t know who that guy is” with White confirming that the same person had asked a female fighter to do the same.

Later in a meeting with Dana White backstage, Brown confirmed that he can still try to cut the weight but had already gained back 3 pounds due to the rehydration. He was however relieved when Dana informed him that they won’t be cutting 20% off his purse as is standard with weight misses due to the unusual mishap. Even his opponent Robbie Lawler was fine with it and the duo went on to put on the fight of the night at the main event.

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