WATCH: Michael Bisping gets Anthony Smith’s KNOCKOUT loss spoiled by co-worker due to stream lag

UFC veteran Michael Bisping reacts to his co host Anthony Smith's brutal knockout loss at UFC Vegas 83 by Khalil Rountree.

WATCH: Michael Bisping gets Anthony Smith’s KNOCKOUT loss spoiled by co-worker due to stream lag

Michael Bisping reacts to Anthony Smith loss ( Image via Imago/X )

Michael Bisping reacted to Anthony Smith‘s knockout loss during the UFC Vegas 83 event. Bisping and Smith are very close friends. His “Believe You Me” fight companion podcast captured the moment.


The incident involved a stream lag, with co-worker Harrington spoiling the knockout before Bisping saw it. The stream lag led Bisping to express frustration, impacting the viewing experience. Reacting to Harrington already seeing the knockout a few seconds before himself, Michael Bisping said:

What do you mean he's done? I'm in 4 minutes 17 of the third round. Alright you just shut up for a second cause I haven't seen it...Oh there it is, there it is. F*** it is over for sure.
Michael Bisping via Believe You Me fight companion stream

The incident occurred during the Khalil Rountree vs. Anthony Smith fight at UFC Vegas 83. Khalil Rountree faced Anthony Smith in a one-sided affair. The match ended with Khalil Rountree securing a victory in the third round via TKO, delivering a vicious knockout blow that led to the fight’s stoppage. Bisping expressed his reaction to Anthony Smith’s heartbreaking loss.

Khalil Rountree Jr. is an American professional mixed martial artist competing in the light heavyweight division of the UFC. Rountree has a professional record of 14 wins, five losses, and 1 No Contest in his MMA career. Meanwhile, Anthony Smith is a much more experienced fighter with a professional record of 37 wins and 19 losses in his MMA career. Smith is also known by the nickname “Lionheart.”


Anthony Smith and Michael Bisping react to Tyson Fury’s most recent accolade

Anthony Smith and Michael Bisping shared a moment of amusement when they discovered that Tyson Fury was voted the sexiest athlete over Cristiano Ronaldo. The incident occurred earlier this November and was captured in a video. The revelation sparked laughter between the two MMA fighters, highlighting the unexpected nature of the outcome.

Tyson Fury has a massive net worth
Tyson Fury has a massive net worth (via Imago)

This happened during the episode of the Believe You Me podcast. Tyson Fury was voted the “World’s Sexiest Athlete,” scoring 9.3 out of 10 in a poll among female participants. He surpassed competitors like Conor McGregor and Taylor Swift‘s beau Travis Kelce. Fury acknowledged the recognition and shared his reaction on his Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Believe You Me is a twice-weekly MMA podcast hosted by former UFC champion Michael Bisping and UFC contender Anthony Smith. The podcast provides a comedic perspective on major MMA news, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the careers and lives of the hosts.

Michael Bisping, known for his brash and comedic MMA commentary, brings his unique style to the podcast world. The show covers a range of topics, including breakdowns of MMA news, pop culture, and discussions about their own experiences.


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