“I would’ve been there for you,” Michael Chandler savagely disses Conor McGregor by offering condolences to teammates on TUF

Latest episode of TUF 31 showcased the highlighted sequence of Conor McGregor shoving Michael Chandler during face off. Conor's team has not scored a victory yet.

“I would’ve been there for you,” Michael Chandler savagely disses Conor McGregor by offering condolences to teammates on TUF

Michael Chandler passes sly remark to McGregor's team against their coach ( Image source: L/R- Getty Images )

The much-anticipated face-off between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler on TUF 31 aired this week. It shed light on many things surrounding the two UFC stars. Despite little glimpses during the promotion of the latest season, the rest of the material in the episode remained just as exciting as the infamous shove. Fans were finally treated to the entire situation leading up to the confrontation. The two fighters were ready to square off then and there.


McGregor shoved Chandler after the sixth bout. McGregor’s fighter, Lee Hammond, lost to Chandler’s team member, Kurt Holobaugh, via submission. Chandler’s verbal jabs seemed to hit a sensitive nerve with McGregor. It provoked him to respond fiercely amidst the frustration of failing as a coach. Having led his team to an impressive 6-0 record during the season, Chandler took the opportunity to criticize McGregor for his inconsistent presence during the show’s filming.

In retaliation, McGregor tried to mock Chandler, hurling demeaning insults toward Bellator. Chandler fought in Bellator before joining the UFC. As tensions escalated, McGregor forcefully struck Chandler, propelling him backward with a mighty shove. Chandler responded with a mixture of excitement and laughter while McGregor removed his suit jacket. UFC president Dana White swiftly intervened to separate the fighters before a brawl occurred.

Both athletes went to their respective locker rooms. As Chandler passed Team McGregor, he said, “I would’ve been there for you.” Chandler has managed to motivate his fighters throughout the season. Enraged by the situation, McGregor lashed out at Chandler’s teammates, labeling them bums as he exited.


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Internet reacts to Michael Chandler’s taunts for Conor McGregor in latest TUF episode

Conor McGregor Michael Chandler
Conor McGregor pushed Michael Chandler during face off at TUF ( Image source: Getty Images )

Conor McGregor and his team of prospects continued to disappoint in the latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter. They have struggled to get the better of Chandler and his team of UFC alumni. As the episodes rolled in, fans reacted to the TUF 31 progression. Here are some reactions to the latest episode on Twitter:

Viewers can look forward to the next TUF 31 episode with only five remaining. It will showcase the second-to-last quarterfinal bout. According to recent information from MMA Junkie, the live finale fights are scheduled for August 19 at Boston’s TD Garden as part of UFC 292.

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