“I’m going to bit this son of a b**ch!” Mike Tyson’s infamous ear-bite moment ALMOST happened in UFC between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier discusses his intense rivalry with Jon Jones on Joe Rogan's podcast, recalling a moment when Mike Tyson's infamous tactic crossed his mind during their heated confrontation.

“I’m going to bit this son of a b**ch!” Mike Tyson’s infamous ear-bite moment ALMOST happened in UFC between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier on thoughts of biting the ear of Jon Jones like Mike Tyson (Image via: X, YouTube)

Mike Tyson created one of the most notorious moments in combat sports history in his bout against Evander Holyfield. Holyfield won their first bout via TKO in round 11. In the rematch, Tyson was disqualified at the end of round 3 for biting Holyfield’s ear. In a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Daniel Cormier talked about similar that could’ve happened between him and Jon Jones.

Cormier and Jones had one of the most intense rivalries in the UFC. The heated rivalry made them bitter rivals who even made personal attacks on each other. However, the two have since toned their animosity recently. They had one of the most heated press conference fights ever, which is what Cormier said about it on the podcast:

When I was in that press fight with Jon Jones, I was still undefeated at the time, and we were at the MGM Grand. He headbutted me, like put his head on me, so I pushed him..........But now I'm on my back as we go flying off the stage. I will say, that was a thought, to bite the motherf*cker. Like, what am I doing on my back, right? I'm losing. Bite this son of a b*tch. I ain't got no mouthpiece in my mouth.......So, that's what Mike Tyson would do. He would go primal.
Daniel Cormier via JRE

Cormier thought about biting Jones during their altercation. Moreover, he even explained why he thought Mike Tyson bit Holyfield. Nevertheless, Cormier did not bite Jones. Moreover, he remains one of the most respected veterans of the sport. However, he had controversially put weight on a towel during a weigh-in at UFC 210.

Jones was very critical of Cormier at the time. He had used the incident to attack Cormier numerous times. However, Cormier acknowledged his mistake at his Hall of Fame induction in 2022. Cormier was recently critical of Jones’ stature as the undisputed champion due to his long layoff due to injury.

Daniel Cormier explains why Jon Jones is one of the best in MMA

Jon Jones is the arguable GOAT of MMA. Without the DQ loss to Matt Hamill, Jones had not lost in professional MMA. Daniel Cormier is also one of the best MMA fighters. However, he is 0-1(1) against Jones. In their first meeting inside the octagon at UFC 182, Jones won via unanimous decision. In their rematch at UFC 214, Jones won a third-round TKO, which was later turned into a No Contest due to Jones failing a doping test.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones
Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones ( Image via Imago )

Cormier explained why Jones is one of the best In his recent appearance on Joe Rogan Experience. This is what he said:

He's so tall, he's so rangy, and he just understood fighting. The guy just understands fighting, and it makes him hard to deal with.

Since he retired from competition, Cormier has been a commentator and analyst for the UFC. Jones is now the undisputed heavyweight champion. He is at present nursing a pectoral injury. On his return, he is set to face former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. The pair was originally set to headline UFC 295 at Madison Square Garden before the injury.

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