UFC legend Daniel Cormier names the current champion as his favorite WWE wrestler of all time

Daniel Cormier couldn't help himself from becoming a fan of the Ring General Gunther.

UFC legend Daniel Cormier names the current champion as his favorite WWE wrestler of all time

Daniel Cormier (via X)

UFC legend Dustin Cormier is a keen WWE viewer. He divulged in an interview that he has been following WWE recently. Moreover, Cormier also revealed that Intercontinental Champion Gunther is his favorite superstar of all time in WWE.

In an interview on the MMA Hour, Daniel Cormier expressed his appreciation for Ring General Gunther. Cormier talked about Gunther’s movesets, implying the unique nature of his wrestling skills. Moreover, he also revealed that, for him, Gunther has surpassed Macho Man Randy Savage.

He’s my favorite wrestler of all time…he has surpassed the Macho Man. I love Seth but Gunther does it all…I got into a fight a while back with Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks because they were doing too many flips, too many flips, like it pissed me off all the flips - Gunther’s move is a sleeper hold, a powerbomb & he does this splash of the top rope where he jumps & just…it’s awesome.
Daniel Cormier on Gunther

Gunther has surely made a lot of fans in his dominating reign as the Intercontinental Champion. Furthermore, Cormier praised the powerbomb of Gunther implicitly, calling him a distinct wrestler.

Additionally, Gunther portrays an idiosyncratic character on screen. His abilities have been highly appreciated by a number of veterans of professional wrestling. Daniel Cormier is another huge name on the list of the Ring General’s enthusiasts. It is going to be interesting to see the bright future of Gunther in WWE.

Gunther praised The Miz after their match at Survivor Series

Gunther had one of the hardest-hitting battles of his reign against The Miz in the Survivor Series. The two stars delivered an incredible match where many thought it could’ve been the end of Gunther’s reign. However, the Ring General somehow was able to pull a submission victory over the A-Lister. However, after the match, Gunther didn’t hold back from praising The Miz.

Gunther and The Miz
Gunther and The Miz (via WWE)

During the post-show conference of the Survivor Series, Gunther expressed his respect for The Miz. The Ring General said he is satisfied with the match as he faced a two-time Grand Slam Champion in the ring. Moreover, Gunther even called The Miz a guaranteed Hall of Famer in the future.

I mean, everything aside, I can be very satisfied with today. I’ve been in the ring with a two-time Grand Slam Champion, somebody that is around forever here. I think he’s a guaranteed Hall of Famer down the line.
Gunther on The Miz

Furthermore, Gunther also affirmed that The Miz belongs in the WWE ring. The Intercontinental Champion rarely appreciates other superstars. The Miz is one of the veterans of WWE.

His in-ring work and mic skills are on par with those of any of the WWE legends. It is going to be interesting to see if WWE will ever plan to have a rematch between the two incredible superstars in WWE.


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