“Randy did this on purpose!”- WWE Universe speculates massive conspiracy theory after reports of CM Punk’s promo being cut short leak online

Fans left disappointed after Punk's promo got cut short due to Randy Orton's match, as per reports.

“Randy did this on purpose!”- WWE Universe speculates massive conspiracy theory after reports of CM Punk’s promo being cut short leak online

CM Punk (via WWE)

CM Punk made his fantastic return in front of his hometown fans after nine long years. But maybe fans forgot that Randy Orton also returned after more than a year that night. Some fans expressed their disappointment on social media that Punk’s return overshadowed Orton’s comeback. However, after Raw, it appears that there is a reversal of roles. 


Punk and Orton appeared on Monday Night Raw after the Survivor Series. Orton started the show and later got interrupted by Dominik Mysterio, thus setting up a main event match between them. Punk addressed the WWE Universe after the completion of Orton’s match. The Voice of the Voiceless’s promo was just under 7 minutes, disappointing the fans who waited the whole show just to see him.

Now, PWInsider reported that Punk’s promo was cut short because of the long running time of the match between Orton and Dom. This has caused some ruckus among the fans. Before, some fans blamed Punk for overshadowing Orton’s return at Survivor Series, but now fans are saying Orton did that on purpose to overshadow Punk’s moment.

Punk addressed the WWE Universe and assured that he’s a completely different man now and is right now at the right place where he belongs, “his home.” A small number of fans surprisingly criticized Punk because they felt the promo was lackluster. 


Fans express their emotions after knowing CM Punk’s promo was cut short

CM Punk addressed the WWE Universe in the episode on Raw after his long-awaited return. Although fans were happy with his return, they felt disappointed because they felt his promo was too short and nothing special.

CM Punk, Dominik Mysterio and Randy Orton (via WWE)

They blamed Orton for purposely doing this, while some said the tag team turmoil match went on for too long. Here are some top reactions:

Although Punk’s promo was just 7 minutes long, some fans denied that it was not just Randy Orton’s fault; there were other factors too. Everyone had mixed opinions on this news, as the majority of the fans showed their disappointment and said Punk’s segment should’ve started the show, while some said his promo was not even that good and didn’t need another second. 

Randy Orton and CM Punk are both legends in this company. In the end, they both got their deserved moments and were the highlights of the entire show. It will be interesting to see with whom their first feud will be.


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