42-year-old Superstar sparks speculations after cryptic “I love you” message for Bayley

WWE Universe is filled with speculations as SmackDown Superstar Asuka sends a cryptic message to Bayley

42-year-old Superstar sparks speculations after cryptic “I love you” message for Bayley

Bayley (Via Whatculture.com)

WWE Universe saw a gruesome Women’s War Games Match at Survivor Series 2023. The team of Bianca Belair was victorious against the Damage CTRL. It seems Asuka, one of her teammates, has a message for Bayley. It has sparked a lot of speculation amongst the Fans.


As seen on ‘X’, the former Women’s Champion, Asuka wrote to express her love for Bayley. The post also has an image in which both of them are together. What caught everyone’s attention are the several exclamation marks which have a question mark in between.

Through this caption, it can be inferred that the Japanese star wants to stress this fact. However, the question mark indicates that there might be a twist to it. It can either be a second thought or a possible indication that things might not turn out well for the Role Model.

For those who don’t know, the Role Model was leading the team of Damage CTRL. At the end of the match, she was on the receiving end of several finishing moves and Becky Lynch eventually threw her on the table. It would be interesting to see how will Asuka react toward Bayley on this week’s SmackDown.


Asuka’s vehicle recently swarmed by fans while trying to leave the Live Event

Asuka is one of those stars who have fans all over the world. She is no stranger to getting swarmed by them and getting demanded. In the same current, she was swarmed while trying to leave a recent live event. Fans were all around her car.

As in the video, fans were up close for autographs but wanted to get a close picture of the former Women’s Champion. They were closing up to her vehicle and were shouting her name to the top of their voices.

Asuka (via WWE)

Asuka is someone who’s gotta be in a lot of places. It seems her desire to sneak out did not work out. Things could’ve gone worse but her experience saved the day. She handled the situation like a professional and kept the loyalty of her fans.

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