“That feud will be gold”- Wrestling fans go bonkers after reports of WWE planning dream match for CM Punk surface online

CM Punk might face Roman Reigns down the line after his potential feud against Seth Rollins

“That feud will be gold”- Wrestling fans go bonkers after reports of WWE planning dream match for CM Punk surface online

CM Punk (via X)

The explosive ending of the Survivor Series saw the return of the Best in the World, CM Punk. The WWE Universe has been buzzing ever since regarding the future of the Second City Saint. Some recent reports shed light on the talking point as they suggest a dream match against the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns in the future.


According to Sports Illustrated, WWE is highly invested in having a CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns feud in the near future. Furthermore, the report lays out some conditions for the blockbuster match-up, as it suggests that the Second City Saint will not go against the Head of the Table first. Instead of that, Punk will face Seth Rollins first.

CM Punk and Roman Reigns are a dream match for many professional wrestling fans. The two stars have been at the pinnacle of sports entertainment in their respective eras. Therefore, WWE will surely be looking to capitalize on the hype for this epic bout. However, as per recent happenings in WWE, it looks like CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins is imminent.

The Best in the World has just returned to WWE, and there are a number of dream matches for him in the company. His multiple-year deal with WWE will surely give him the opportunity to explore the different aspects of his career. It is going to be interesting to see when and where Punk will finally face Roman Reigns in WWE.


WWE Universe goes berserk over the reports of CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns

CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns is a money match in WWE. The two stars have been in an alleged heat for a time in their careers. One fan called this mega feud gold, while another fan embodied this mega match as powerful. However, another showed a difference in opinion, as he said that Punk vs. Seth is better.

Roman Reigns and CM Punk (via X)

Here are the top reactions from fans on X.

Furthermore, one fan even claimed that both feuds are going to be good due to the backstories they possess. Moreover, a fan even posted a scenario saying Paul Heyman will eventually turn on Roman Reigns in this feud. In addition to that, some fans referred to this feud as a blockbuster.

Some even called it cinema. It can be figured out that fans have high expectations of Punk vs. Reigns, and they will be keen to see if WWE will be able to meet those expectations.


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