Rhea Ripley calls out massive blunder by WWE officials after Dominik Mysterio loses to Randy Orton on Raw 

Rhea Ripley calls out WWE officials for ignoring Jelly Roll's physically involvement in a match.

Rhea Ripley calls out massive blunder by WWE officials after Dominik Mysterio loses to Randy Orton on Raw 

Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio and Randy Orton (via WWE)

The last few days have not been great for the current Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley, and Judgment Day. They lost the WarGames at Survivor Series, and now on Raw, they have made a new enemy in the form of Randy Orton. But Mami took offense to one incident that happened in the main event of Raw.

In the main event of Raw, Dominik Mysterio was having a match with Randy Orton after an altercation earlier on the show. The Viper easily defeated him even after JD McDonagh’s interference. But Mami noticed something wrong, during the match, Jelly Roll was in attendance and got into a verbal argument with Dirty Dom. Things got heated and Jelly Roll pushed Dom Dom right towards Orton, allowing Orton to take advantage and pick up the win with a smooth RKO.


Rhea addressed this matter on social media, saying that Dominik should’ve won because Jelly Roll pushed him, and it is illegal to push a wrestler by a third person who is not involved in a singles match. Although many people don’t like Rhea and Dominik, they somewhat agreed with her and said that Randy should’ve been disqualified.

It looks like Randy Orton will feud with Judgment Day for the next few weeks. Mami sent a warning to Orton; now he has made Judgment Day his enemy. It will be interesting to see who the Viper decides to strike next.

Rhea Ripley is angry at R-truth for ruining Judgment Day’s whole room

Rhea Ripley and the Judgment Day were already going through a lot of misery after losing the WarGames, and to frustrate them more, they found R-truth sitting on their couch eating Jelly rolls. R-truth made his return at Survivor Series after recovering from a year-long injury.

Rhea Ripley and R-Truth
Rhea Ripley and R-Truth (via X)

R-truth is one of the most funniest superstars in the history of WWE. When he is in character, he often forgets which event it is and often tries to involve himself in the match even after the match is over. In the hilarious segment, R-truth told Judgment Day that if they want a partner for the WarGames, he is available. This statement was nonsensical because WarGames was already over the day before. Damian Priest got angry at Truth and told him to get out of their room.

WWE posted this hilarious segment on social media, and everyone had a good laugh, except the Judgment Day members. Finn Balor expressed his anger by commenting, ‘Our couch is destroyed.’ While JD McDonagh commented, ‘Cream on the Cusion.‘ Rhea Ripley also commented on Finn’s comment with an angry emoji. What’s funnier is that R-Truth himself reacted to the post and wrote, ‘My bad’ in his own iconic way.

As of now, R-Truth is the least of their problems, as so many opponents are eyeing their respective titles. It will be interesting to see what more trouble Judgment Day is going to cause in the upcoming weeks.


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