WATCH: Randy Orton gives Rhea Ripley a harsh reality check with an epic two-word response on Raw

Randy Orton wiped the smile out of Rhea Ripley's face this week on Monday Night Raw.

WATCH: Randy Orton gives Rhea Ripley a harsh reality check with an epic two-word response on Raw

Rhea Ripley and Randy Orton (via X)

This week’s Monday Night Raw featured some of the biggest moments of the year. The show was based on the fallout from last week’s epic Survivor Series event. After the return of Randy Orton, he took the opportunity to open the show. However, all the gratification was cut short after Rhea Ripley interrupted The Apex Predator. The latter didn’t wasn’t reluctant to shut down Mami.


As usual, Mami boasted her achievements and The Judgment Day’s dominance on Raw during the absence of Randy Orton. The Viper was a little bent out of shape about it and went on affronting Rhea Ripley. He revealed that he had tuned into the show during his hiatus. Orton gave a reality check to Mami when he said that Daddy was back.

Mami, this, Mami, that, guess what, Rhea? Daddy's back!
Randy Orton to Rhea Ripley

This got Rhea Ripley enraged, further leading on to state that Randy Orton has made The Judgment Day his enemy. Following the confrontation, Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh tried to ambush The Viper. However, it was wisely countered by the Apex Predator, leading him to hit an RKO on McDonagh. Watch Randy Orton giving a mouth-shutting reply to Rhea Ripley.

From the looks of it, Randy Orton might deal with The Judgment Day for a few weeks. The confrontation between him and Mami generated a lot of buzz on the internet. It is going to be interesting to see where the future of The Viper is.


Randy Orton defeated Dominik Mysterio in his first singles match in 567 days

Randy Orton returned to Monday Night Raw this week for the first time in 567 days. After The Judgment Day attacked him earlier on the show, The Apex Predator challenged the NXT North American Champion for a match on the red brand. Raw General Manager Adam Pearce made this match official.

Randy Orton
Randy Orton (via X)

Dominik Mysterio gave a tough fight to The Viper in a grueling match. Even though JD McDonagh was at ringside, he was unsuccessful in helping Dom secure a victory for himself. Randy Orton executed his moves smoothly, and he looked better than ever. In an incredible match, Orton came out victorious after executing a devastating RKO on Dominik.

Randy Orton has cemented his legacy in WWE. His return to the company has added another chapter to his career. After an amazing performance, fans must be eager to see what’s next for The Viper. Randy Orton also mentioned The Bloodline in his promo on Monday Night Raw this week. It will be interesting to see his direction in the coming weeks.

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