“Handle this b**!” After CM Punk’s return, his wife AJ Lee receives invitation from WWE Talent to take down 22-year-old Superstar 

Cora Jade calls out AJ Lee to come and help her deal with former friend, Roxanne Perez.

“Handle this b**!” After CM Punk’s return, his wife AJ Lee receives invitation from WWE Talent to take down 22-year-old Superstar 

CM Punk and AJ Lee (via WWE and X)

It has been over 24 hours, and fans are still processing the mind-boggling return of CM Punk. Now that the superstar has mended fences with WWE, fans have been clamoring for his wife, AJ Lee’s comeback too. Speaking of which, NXT superstar Cora Jade recently sought the assistance of AJ Lee in dealing with her former friend Roxanne Perez.


The two superstars had a back-and-forth following the shocking return of CM Punk. Both women are huge fans of Punk and his wife, AJ Lee. Thus, the two superstars reacted to the overwhelming return of the Second City Saint. Jade shared a wholesome video of her meeting Punk at a fan signing a few years ago.

Perez came across the tweet and recounted what the 22-year-old once told her while ending their friendship. In reaction to Perez’s remark, Jade claimed that she is nothing without AJ (Lee). After going at it for a while, she ultimately gave up and tagged their idol, AJ Lee, herself. However, The Geek Goddess has yet to respond to the tweet.

Nonetheless, the three women have engaged in a number of online interactions in the past. Lee has often applauded Roxanne and Cora’s accomplishments in WWE. The two young ladies have admitted to idolizing the wrestling couple while growing up. In fact, Jade and Perez have even attended a number of WWE events when Punk and Lee were working in WWE.


The whole world is aware of the tumultuous relationship between CM Punk and WWE. The former eventually walked out of the company in 2014. His wife, AJ Lee, followed in his footsteps and announced her retirement the following year.

The 36-year-old had interacted with NXT talents Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez in the past. This was before Punk returned to WWE, which raises the question of how Lee is related to the two women.

AJ Lee, Cora Jade and Roxxane Perez
AJ Lee, Cora Jade and Roxxane Perez (via Sports Rush and WWE)

AJ Lee is not a friend or family member of either of the NXT superstars. However, the equation they share with each other is quite wholesome and inspiring. The 22-year-old superstars’ have often cited AJ Lee as their favorite female WWE diva while growing up.

Before making it to WWE, both ladies had met Lee as young fans. Nearly ten years down the line, Perez and Jade have created a name for themselves in WWE.


The 36-year-old signed with WWE in 2009. Lee was initially working in WWE’s then-developmental FCW. She went on to make her debut on the main roster in 2010 and won her first women’s title in 2013. She has the longest combined reign as Divas Champion, at 406 days. Despite a short-lived career in WWE, AJ Lee is often credited with ushering in the Women’s Revolution in WWE. Now, it remains to be seen whether the former Divas Champion will return to WWE.

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