“Triple h was sweating this entire promo” – WWE Universe goes berserk as CM Punk drops SHOCKING final words on Raw

CM Punk made some bold statements in his first appearance on Monday Night in over a decade.

“Triple h was sweating this entire promo” – WWE Universe goes berserk as CM Punk drops SHOCKING final words on Raw

Triple H and CM Punk (via X)

This week’s Monday Night Raw delivered some of the best shows of the year. It featured stars like Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Jey Uso, and Seth Rollins. However, the highlight of the show was the Best in the World CM Punk. After an explosive return at Survivor Series, all eyes were on the Second City Saint as he delivered a spine-chilling promo on Raw.


CM Punk made his grand entrance, with the crowd going berserk and chanting his name. He expressed his gratitude to the WWE Universe. The Voice of the Voiceless also divulged what inspired him to return to the company he left almost 10 years ago. The cherry on top was Punk’s final words before the show went off air. The Second City Saint looked into the camera and said he’s not interested in making friends but he is here to make money.

I'm back!!! I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money.
CM Punk on Raw

Moreover, The Best in the World implicitly addressed the situation of receiving backstage heat from Seth Rollins. He postulated that he has changed, and WWE is his home. In addition to that, CM Punk also spoke about his wife AJ Lee and said that she is fabulous and healthy. Punk sent the WWE Universe regards on behalf of his wife.

CM Punk delivered an iconic promo in his first appearance on Monday Night Raw in almost a decade. It has insinuated the fans regarding what’s in store for them in the near future. The 45-year-old will be looking to add some more chapters to his illustrious career. It is turning out to be engrossing to see where the future of CM Punk will be headed from here on out.


WWE Universe goes bonkers over CM Punk’s promo on Raw

CM Punk was rough in his promo this week. He has certainly generated a lot of buzz on the internet since his return. One hilarious fan took a shot at his habit of creating controversy, mentioning Triple H must be concerned. Another fan referred to this promo as the beginning of the era of CM Punk. Moreover, some fans expressed their nostalgia, saying Punk is back.

CM Punk
CM Punk (via X)

The WWE Universe has flooded the internet with their interesting reactions after CM Punk’s promo. Here are top reactions of the fans on X:

Moreover, one fan thanked Triple H for bringing back CM Punk, while some fans even mentioned the fact that the Second City Saint is back for business. In addition to that, some fans even tried to figure out that Punk might have divulged that AJ Lee might be coming back to WWE. It is going to be interesting to see his next step in WWE.

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