“Man of culture” – NFL star Kyler Murray celebrated by MMA fans after representing Charles Oliveira

The image of Kyler Murray paying tribute to the icon Charles Oliveira by wearing a T-shirt with his image on it quickly went viral in the MMA community.

“Man of culture” – NFL star Kyler Murray celebrated by MMA fans after representing Charles Oliveira

Kyler Murray shows respect for Charles Oliveira by wearing a jersey with his picture on it (via X/Imago)

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray showed his respect for MMA, especially “Do Bronx” publicly. He boarded a plane to Texas while rocking a Charles Oliveira jersey. This post was shared on Instagram and had fight fans all excited.

The quarterback’s decision to wear Oliveira’s jersey demonstrates MMA’s expanding influence and popularity outside its core fan base. Charles Oliveira has the most submission victories in UFC history and is regarded as one of the best ever to set foot in the octagon. Murray sporting an Oliveira jersey was something fans did not expect to see.


Kyler Murray, known for his football abilities, went above and beyond by expressing his respect for Charles Oliveira. Murray won the famous Heisman Trophy in 2018 while playing for the University of Oklahoma.

He was the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals and has since received multiple honors. These include NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (2019) and two Pro Bowl selections (2020, 2021). Murray has made an indelible mark on the Cardinals club and led them to the playoffs in the 2021 season.

Murray sporting an Olivera merch has another meaning. Currently, the quarterback is recovering from a torn ACL. At one point in Oliveira’s career, he struggled with weight cuts and losses. However, Do Bronx overcame the struggles and became the UFC lightweight champion. Murray could be hinting at something similar. He aims to return to the best form of his career and lead the Cardinals to the Super Bowl.


As MMA continues to enter mainstream sports culture, incidents such as Kyler Murray wearing a Charles Oliveira jersey add to fan base cross-pollination. The collaboration of sportsmen from other disciplines demonstrates mutual respect and raises MMA’s visibility in the larger sports environment.

Fight fans react to Kyler Murray’s nod to Charles Oliveira

A surprising merging of sporting worlds has occurred lately, and it is heartwarming. Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals donned the jersey of none other than former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira. The unusual exhibition of camaraderie between the NFL and MMA captivated fans worldwide, transcending the limits of their sports.

Fight fans react to Kyler Murray wearing Charles Oliveira jersey
Fight fans react to Kyler Murray wearing Charles Oliveira jersey (via MMA News/ The Athletic)

As the news circulated on social media platforms, MMA enthusiasts flocked to show their appreciation for this cross-disciplinary gesture. Most fight fans seemed extremely pleased with this gesture and appreciated the Quarterback. Here are some of the reactions from fight fans:


Kyler Murray’s decision to wear Charles Oliveira’s shirt became a unifying force, sparking a moment of shared admiration that transcended football and MMA, leaving fans anxiously expecting the next unexpected link between their favorite sports legends.

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