Oscar De La Hoya PROPOSES fight against UFC CEO Dana White after Ryan Garcia campaigned for an MMA fight against Sean O’Malley

Boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya reignites his rivalry with old his nemesis, Dana White in the most unusual way.

Oscar De La Hoya PROPOSES fight against UFC CEO Dana White after Ryan Garcia campaigned for an MMA fight against Sean O’Malley

Oscar De La Hoya challenges Dana White to an MMA fight (via Imago)

The rivalry and tensions between Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya remain intense. The duo have publicly rebuked each other on numerous occasions. De La Hoya recently shocked the MMA community. He proposed a fight against the UFC CEO. This happened after Ryan Garcia offered to face Sean O’Malley in the UFC.


Oscar De La Hoya recently went on The MMA Hour. The former boxing champion said he would back Garcia to fight O’Malley in the octagon. As Garcia’s promoter, De La Hoya proposed a co-main event against Dana White in the potential O’Malley vs. Garcia UFC fight card. This is what he said:

It’ll be a hell of a promotion, right? ... I would actually entertain that because Ryan can fight the main event with this kid, and maybe I can do Dana [White] on the co-main.
Oscar De La Hoya via The MMA Hour

The two promoters have a longstanding feud spanning years. De La Hoya has repeatedly challenged White to a fight over the years. The duo briefly reconciled last year. However, White said too much damage was done for them to become friends again. But that didn’t stop the retired boxer from offering to fight White on a crossover MMA-boxing card.

Of course, the chances of the 54-year-old White actually fighting the 51-year-old De La Hoya in MMA remain slim. But De La Hoya seemed eager to challenge his rival inside the octagon. No matter the outcome, De La Hoya’s call to fight White stole headlines. It underscored their bitter feud, even now, over a decade after it started.


Oscar De La Hoya’s protege Ryan Garcia offers to take on Sean O’Malley in the Octagon

Ryan Garcia recently stated that he was willing to move to Sean O’Malley’s realm of MMA. Garcia claimed he reached out to Dana White about booking the crossover fight. He said after facing Devin Haney in boxing on April 30, he wanted to fight ‘Suga.’

Ryan Garcia and Sean O'Malley (Image Courtesy: CBS Sport)
Ryan Garcia and Sean O’Malley (Image Courtesy: CBS Sport)

Garcia wanted to explore unfamiliar territory against one of MMA’s top fighters. O’Malley mocked the idea that Garcia could compete with him after just months of MMA training. However, Garcia insisted he would “destroy” Sean O’Malley with his natural athletic gifts. He bragged about beating a wrestler in training recently despite boxing full-time.

Garcia said he would prepare for 3-4 months specifically for O’Malley after the Haney fight. ‘King Ry’ claimed he would even recruit MMA stars like Nate Diaz to help train him for the bout. O’Malley insisted he could easily defeat Garcia and Haney back-to-back in one night. He reminded Garcia that MMA and boxing are completely different sports requiring unique skill sets.

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