“Will Eat My Dog”- Paulo Costa has a breakdown over Jair Bolsonaro losing the fight in Brazil’s 2022 Elections

“Will Eat My Dog”- Paulo Costa has a breakdown over Jair Bolsonaro losing the fight in Brazil’s 2022 Elections

Costa has voiced his support for the Brazilian president on multiple occasions

Paulo Costa is an ardent supporter of Jair Bolsanaro, the current President of Brazil. The pair have met quite a few times on campaign trails and after big fights. However, as Bolsonaro stands up for reelection and looks to be on route to lose by a wide margin, Costa is losing his mind.


Costa wrote on Twitter, “The communism is winning fake elections in Brazil . I’m so sorry for my dogs will become dinner now” The man standing against Bolsanoro, Lula Da Silva had been accused of being a left-wing communist, despite showing no ties to the party and also having served as a former president himself.

Costa was making a joke about how people living under communist regimes, often have to dine in desperation due to the state of their country. Costa later posted another picture, with the caption, “My dog is looking a lil be worried about Brazilian elections”, accompanied by a picture of a dog at a voting booth.

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From Paulo Costa to Anderson Silva: The Many UFC Fighters backing Jair Bolsonaro

Paulo Costa x Jair Bolsanaro
(left) Costa visit Bolsanoro at the hospital, (Right) Costa along with his girlfriend meeting the president during campaigning

Costa has campaigned for Bolsonaro and other politicians affiliated with him in the past. The Brazilian president’s close friendship and admiration for Donald Trump has made Costa feel the same way about the former US President.

Costa isn’t alone when it comes to being an ambassador for Bolsonaro in the MMA space. While other Brazilian fighters like Jose Aldo, Royce Gracie, Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, and a lot more have already voiced their support for the sitting President.

Bolsonaro is a former Army Special Forces member which is right up the alley of curiosity that MMA Fighters are so often attracted to. However, there are many jarring accusations laid upon him. Chief among which was his mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, and absolute carelessness when it came to vaccination.

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They have been more sinister accusations against him from being embroiled in massive corruption scandals to allegedly running police death squads in the Favelas of Brazil. This could be a reason that the former Lightweight Champion, Charles Oliveira is one of the few Brazilian athletes to not voice his support for Bolsanaro.

Moreover, he has been a prime culprit in helping spread misinformation throughout the campaigning season against his opponents, a good example being seen in Costa, even hinting at a Trump-Style insurrection if he were to lose. Currently, Bolsonaro is trailing by 6 million votes after the first round of the election.

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