Pedro Munhoz accuses Sean O’Malley of damaging his reputation

Pedro Munhoz has gone to unnecessary lengths to prove he had a legitimate injury, despite what his UFC 276 opponent Sean O'Malley and his fans say.

Sean O'Malley Pedro Munhoz
Sean O'Malley vs Pedro Munhoz
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Pedro Munhoz has gone to needless efforts to establish he received a very legitimate injury, despite what his UFC 276 opponent Sean O’Malley and others may believe. 

Munhoz was accidentally stabbed in the right eye by O’Malley in the second round of their main card fight; he told the doctor who entered the cage to check on him that he couldn’t see, and the fight was stopped a few minutes later. Munhoz has been under heavy scrutiny since the contest, despite winning the first round on the scorecards and being ahead at the time of the foul.

During the post-fight news conference, Sean O’Malley told reporters that Munhoz wanted a way out of the bout. Munhoz detailed his side of the story a few hours after the fight, stating he was stabbed in the eye in the first round as well, before the unintentional foul in the second that led to the stoppage. 

He went so far as to share a snapshot of his medical record on Instagram to show his eye injury. He captions the image, saying, “This is a Saturday night medical report.”

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“They’re gangsters on computers”, Pedro Munhoz admits to a lack of social media abilities

Pedro Munhoz
Pedro Munhoz

Munhoz was wounded because he had an abrasion on his right cornea, and he even posted his hospital medical record to clear his name. And, given his well-deserved reputation in the bantamweight division, he’s been let down by O’Malley’s handling of the problem.

Munhozin an attempt to clear his ruined reputation stated at The MMA Hour, “A lot of his actions after the fight were things that I don’t think is right, based on my values. Like he came and apologized to me, and then he go and go make a video on TikTok, make fun of my vision there.” 

He goes on to tell, “ That’s kind of like things that I tell my kids not to do it. You say one thing but then you go make fun on the other hand. I came up to a generation, like the one before his generation … I’m not going to go and make of someone just to get more followers and stuff like that. And besides that, all his friends, all these guy texting me, talking about my wife, talking about my family, saying that they’re going to fight me. And guess what? I told them, I say, ‘You can find me. I’ll be by the pool here Sunday.”

Referring to a simpler time without technology he says, “They’re gangsters on computers. … So that’s the type stuff that I say I don’t agree with, and that was something that was new for me — fighting some kid from a generation that makes these shows look like a circus. When I grew up watching B.J. Penn, Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo, fought of all these guys, Dominick Cruz, and now I just feel that I was in the circus.

In his post-fight press conference, O’Malley expressed concern about the fight’s outcome as well as the fact that two of the three judges had Munhoz ahead at the time of the foul. He claimed to have won the fight and expressed his dissatisfaction on social media.

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