WATCH: ‘Everytime I throw a kick, I fall’ – Retired Daniel Cormier hilariously reveals friendly training going wrong

Daniel Cormier said that he's done fighting through an hilarious video posted on instagram.

WATCH: ‘Everytime I throw a kick, I fall’ – Retired Daniel Cormier hilariously reveals friendly training going wrong

Daniel Cormier posts a hilarious Instagram video (via IMAGO)

The former UFC two-division champion, Daniel Cormier posted a hilarious message to his co-workers. He posted a video on Instagram stating that he was done with fighting. Cormier recalled an incident when some kids called him to spar a little bit. He said that every time he threw a kick, he fell.


Further, Daniel Cormier mentioned that he wanted no more jokes from his commentator friends, saying that he would do this or that to the current heavyweights. He said that he had never fatigued this much in his life. As he was getting older, it was hard for him to maintain his athletic abilities. Here is what he said:

Man, I'm done! Everytime I throw a kick I fall. I'm toast man! I don't wanna hear shit about me fighting nobody no more. That sh*t is over. 'Hey Dc, you could probably do this, you could....No, I can't. I'm done. Stick a fork in the boy. I don'tthink I ever felt fatigued like this. Damn! Getting Old sucks.
Daniel Cormier (via Instagram)

Daniel Cormier was one of the few fighters in the UFC who became champion in two divisions simultaneously. Later, he became the only fighter to win two titles and defend them successfully. After relinquishing his light-heavyweight title, he also lost his heavyweight title to Stipe Miocic. Later, He announced his retirement after his second consecutive loss to Miocic.

Currently, Daniel Cormier continues to work with the UFC in various capacities. He is one of the famous commentators right now. The UFC fans love the commentary trio of DC, Jon Anik, and Joe Rogan.


Fans react to the hilarious message posted by Daniel Cormier

After Daniel Cormier posted the video, fans reacted to it in a supportive and fun manner. Many respect DC for his accomplishments as a fighter and commentator. But still, due to his funny nature, he is meme material for some. Even in this video, he conveyed that he won’t be fighting and can’t fight in a humorous fashion.

Daniel Cormier (via Bleacher Report)

Here is how the fans reacted:

Fans reacted amusingly to the hilarious video posted by Daniel Cormier. While Daniel Cormier was known for his tenacity when he was fighting, now he is known for his entertaining style of commentary. He also runs a YouTube channel named after him, where he shares his thoughts on everything about MMA.

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