“Europe’s not ready for you” Robert Whittaker wants Marvin Vettori fight in Paris

Robert Whittaker detailed on what went wrong in preparation for the fight against Marvin Vettori and his eagerness to fight in Europe on the Fight Week on FOX

Robert Whittaker x Marvin Vettori
Robert Whittaker said that he still wishes to face Marvin Vettori, this time in Europe

Robert Whittaker was aiming to make a quick turnaround after his rematch with Israel Adesanya at UFC 271, aiming to take out Marvin Vettori at UFC 275 in Singapore. As the event was close to home for Whittaker, a native of Australia he was very eager to take the fight due to the considerably less hassle of adjusting to a different timezone. However, he had to put out a few weeks after the bout was announced, due to an injury, leaving Marvin in a fight-less limbo

At the “Fight Week on FOX” show that Whittaker co-hosts with Alexander Volkanovski and Niko Pajarillo, Whittaker clarified the reason he pulled out and his intentions of honoring his promised fight with Vettori. Whittaker described the circumstances of the Vettori fight as being 3 rounds and in Singapore to be perfect exclaiming “Tick, tick, tick, tick yeah I want that fight.”

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Robert Whittaker says he needs to be a 100% to train for any fight

Robert Whittaker
Robert Whittaker wished to make a quick turn-around after his failure to regain his Middleweight Title in a rematch with Israel Adesanya

As he entered his camp for the fight, in the initial days he felt something off with his movement promoting him to go for a scan that revealed he hasn’t healed at all. He said, “As I was moving around it didn’t feel right so I got a scan, realized that it was still injured, it hadn’t healed at all” Whittaker then went through a rehabilitation cycle after which he entered training again to feel the same off-beatness with his movement and at this point he was deep into the scheduled timeline for the camp.

“At this point, we were 8 weeks out, 6 weeks as I leave 2 weeks earlier” claiming the short amount of time left for the fight had him having second thoughts altogether

Whittaker described his path to success and his aim for perfection saying, “I didn’t get to where I am today, taking fights at anything less than a 100%, taking any fight any training or any preparation at anything but my best” Whittaker then expressed his interest to be on the late-august card, scheduled for Paris. He said, “There’s a rumoured Paris card, with rumoured Bam-Bam(Tai Tuivasa) on it and Cyril Gane” expressing his wish that he can resume his scheduled bout against Vettori.

Whittaker then explained how he always wanted to be on a European Card with him trying to face Darren Till before the pandemic in London, “The whole world shut down, sorry Europe’s not ready for you” Rob Joked as he reiterated his wish to be on the “rumoured” Paris card.

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