“Helps with girth” – Sean O’Malley FUNNILY reveals he got stem cell infusion in his privates

“Helps with girth” – Sean O’Malley FUNNILY reveals he got stem cell infusion in his privates

Sean O'Malley

Sean O’Malley is a man that is enjoying life at the moment – surely, being the #1 ranked bantamweight in the planet comes with its perks.


Defeating Petr Yan would have been the best gift “Sugar” could have asked for in 2022. And well, Santa delivered early. Now, it seems like O’Malley is but one fight away from the title. However, how he got the job done against the Russian was no joking matter. The two bantamweights battled for 15 minutes, with both of them rocking each other on multiple occasions – however, the American got the better of the Russian on the judges’ scorecards owing to more damage inflicted.

Now, it has been revealed that it could be down to a specific treatment that O’Malley went through that must have provided him with the extra push. On his podcast, Sean O’Malley funnily recounted the story of getting stem cell injections “below the belt”, saying “They said it could supposedly ‘help with girth, performance’, so I was like, ‘well, it ain’t the first time I have had a needle in my wi*ner.

O’Malley continued to tell the hilarious story of the process of getting the injections – “It hurt worse than I thought it would… We had an option to have a guy do it or a girl do it. I said, ‘I want the hot doctor to do it.’… She grabbed mine and it started growing right away, I’m like goddammnit, I’m sorry!’”


What an insane story to recount, especially on one’s own podcast – but, we have seen Sean O’Malley be insanely quirky in the past as well.

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Sean O’Malley’s smart promotional tactics could land him a title shot at just the right time

Sean O'Malley (L), bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling (R)
Sean O’Malley (L), bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling (R)

Truly then, Sean O’Malley is a one-of-a-kind fighter in the UFC. What makes him stand out is the fact that despite being fun and playing games, when he has to dial into becoming the killer that he is, he does it instantly, and does not let any distractions detract him from battering his opponent inside the octagon.

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One of the reasons for Sean O’Malley’s success is also down to the promotional strategy that the UFC adopted with him. Having seen too many title prospects fizzle out before they matured, the UFC decided to give “Sugar” the time to develop into a finished product before they could award him a title shot. Speaking of hype jobs that fizzled out too fast, surely Sage Northcutt would have come to the UFC’s mind when promotion O’Malley.

We could see a rematch between Sean O'Malley (L) and Marlon Vera (R) in 2023
We could see a rematch between Sean O’Malley (L) and Marlon Vera (R) in 2023

Now that he is #1 on the bantamweight rankings, O’Malley has the chance to become the champion in the near future. While it is not clear if he directly will fight for the belt against Aljamain Sterling, he could call for a rematch against Marlon “Chito” Vera, who beat him (although, a nerve in his leg had rendered him immobile) the last time they met.

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