“Solid self-awareness” – Sean O’Malley’s admission of not being perfect on the mic receives unexpected praise from MMA community

Sean O'Malley opens up about how he wants to improve his public speaking skills along with his highlight performances.

“Solid self-awareness” – Sean O’Malley’s admission of not being perfect on the mic receives unexpected praise from MMA community

Before facing Marlon Vera at UFC 299, 'Suga' opens up about his pitfalls (Source: Twitter)

Despite his desire, Sean O’Malley wasn’t counting on making his maiden defense on going through. He mentioned as much in a recent interview with Helen Yee. ‘Suga’ goes up against Marlon Vera, in the UFC 299 headliner at Kaseya Center in Miami. The bantamweight titleholder runs back things with Vera after he finished O’Malley by first-round TKO in August 2020. Perplexed over his singular loss in his stats, O’Malley thus wants to settle the ‘undefeated’ record dispute against Chito Vera at UFC 299.


Sean O’Malley recently voiced a candid introspection at his admittedly underwhelming mic skills. He has one of the largest fan bases of any UFC fighter. Since bagging the 135lbs gold from Aljamain Sterling in Boston last August, he has only grown in popularity. However, he attributes it to how he performs, not his trash-talking skills. During a recent segment of the TimboSugaShow podcast with Tim Welch, here’s what the champ nudged in:

Chael was the perfect example...Chael was being himself but he was also being more, what they want. Showing up to press conferences late....Conor...Stealing the fu**ing belt. That's not himself, he's being a fu**ing character... That's something I definitely need to work on, is press conference and [microphone] skills. It's hard for me... For me, my performances got me where I'm at, not my mic skills, I'm not Conor. Conor on the mic, fu**ing incredible.
Sean O’Malley via TimboSugaShow Podcast

The segment proceeded with the champ talking on Joe Rogan, who inked a new multiyear deal with Spotify reportedly worth around $250 million, recently. The fighter also weighed in on other upcoming fight cards. But reverting to his mic skills, he incited the case of trash-talk legends Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor. ‘The Notorious’, especially boasts some of the best quotable one-liners in UFC/MMA history.

Accordingly, the fight bubble has taken his self-awareness as a positive sign. A prime post on X posted a snap of his podcast, with footage of Sean O’Malley reiterating his lag in skills. The caption read – “Some solid self-awareness right there.” Concurrently, it isn’t the only one.


Fight fans react to Sean O’Malley admitting to lacking in mic skills

Sean O’Malley is to lock horns with Marlon Vera yet again, in the upcoming UFC 299 card. ‘Suga’ has had quite the fan following over the past year, ranging back from his UFC 292 victory. But things are about to get tough for the bantamweight champion, come this March.

Vera has never been finished in his entire pro-MMA career. O’Malley isn’t promising an upset, but he’s confident he can deliver the goods. In an interview with Helen Yee, O’Malley has aspired to be “on another level” to get the job done.

Fans want Sean O'Malley to have a more stoic approach
Fans want Sean O’Malley to have a more stoic approach (Source: IMAGO/Twitter)

Bantamweight contender, Cory Sandhagen recently sparred with him in a to-and-fro about his fan base. However, O’Malley remains confident about his skills to get the job done. However, he admits to lacking in mic skills upfront. And here’s how fans have reacted to the matter –

Many fans have lauded him for such a deep level of self-awareness. Others have also inferred that instead of a corny demeanor, he should adopt a stoic disposition, like that of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Altogether, O’Malley has earned much praise on the matter.


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