“Not even a good striker”- Sean Strickland believes Alex Pereira is a genetically gifted fighter with no effective style

Alex Pereira Vs Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland believes Alex Pereira is a genetically gifted fighter with no effective style. Strickland takes on Pereira for a Middleweight weight bout at UFC 276. The significance of this fight is huge as the winner might get a title shot next. Strickland has been amazing in his last few fights and has shown that is definitely one of the biggest threats to the Middleweight throne. Similarly, Pereira who recently made his UFC debut was the fighter who previously beat Adesanya in a kickboxing bout. The Brazilian is getting a huge opportunity and he will do whatever it takes to capitalize this fight.

While talking about Strickland, Pereira claimed that he will have to careful during the fight.

” Not exactly impressed, but I paid attention to him after our fight was booked. I checked his fights. He’s dangerous, talented, has been showing his skills and potential, and I need to be alert to that.”

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Sean Strickland on Alex Pereira fighting style

Sean Strickland Alex Pereira
Sean Strickland Alex Pereira

Strickland recently appeared at the UFC 276 pre-fight press conference. During the discussion with the media, Strickland as always had a blast. The fighter like always was wild and unapologetic with his opinions and answers.

While asking about Pereira striking and the dangers of it, Strickland revealed that Pereira is not a great striker. Strickland explained that most of Pereira’s fighting depends on his long reach which he got in his genes. Strickland then went on to mention that Pereira wouldn’t have gotten any opportunities if he would have been of normal height. In contrast to that, Strickland claimed that he is not a genetically gifted athlete and has to work to get good at fighting.

He said :

“He’s not even a good striker bro. What is Pereira? F, the only reason you can do that because your f”* tall man. You are genetically gifted. If you are a normal size f** human being, you won’t event f* be here. Your style sucks…I’m not a genetically gifted, I actually have to learn how to fight. “

This fight between Strickland and Pereira has gained some serious attention from fight fans. People are excited to see who will come out victorious at UFC 276 and will challenge Izzy for the next title shot.

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